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Cover of our submission to Insurance laws NSW
November 2022

The issue with insurance requirements for engineers Engineers Australia submission – NSW Reforming Building Laws

This paper clarifies the reasons why Engineers Australia does not support some of the existing provisions in the Design and Building Practitioners Act, proposed provisions in the Building Bill, and suggests an alternative way forward for the NSW Government.

Cover of our submission to NSW building reform building laws
Engineers Australia | November 2022

Engineers Australia NSW Reforming Building Laws Submission

This submission outlines that Engineers Australia does not support moving the registration of professional engineers in NSW to a Building Bill. Engineers Australia strongly advocates for a stand-alone Professional Engineers Act.

Cover image of booklet
Engineers Australia | August 2022

People and Projects Awards 2022 Finalists

This interactive booklet showcases the national finalists for the People and Projects Awards 2022. Each finalist has showcased outstanding examples of innovation and resourcefulness within the engineering profession, the highest technical, professional and community service standards in engineering and inspiring engineering professionals who demonstrate contribution to the well-being of people, communities, and sustainable engineering practices, promotion of the engineering profession, and the formulation of resourceful, innovative, and aesthetically appealing engineering solutions. 

Strengthening the engineering workforce in Australia cover
Engineers Australia | August 2022

Strengthening the engineering workforce in Australia

Solutions to address the skills shortage in the short, medium, and long term.
Women in engineering: June 2022
Engineers Australia | June 2022

Women in engineering

Identifying avenues for increasing female participation in engineering, by understanding the motivators and barriers around entry and progression. 

aqua background with red chevrons
Engineers Australia | April 2022

Commercialisation of engineering innovation

Despite having one of the world’s most educated and wealthy populations, Australia remains a chronic underperformer when it comes to the commercialisation of engineering innovation.

Intergrating DER in the gird, energy discussion paper cover
Engineers Australia | March 2022

Discussion paper: integrating DER in the grid

This discussion paper is intended to stimulate a conversation about what is possible for DER integration, and how Engineers Australia should engage with it.

Engineering skills supply and demand
Engineers Australia | March 2022

Engineering skills: supply and demand

This discussion paper is designed to provide a broad view of the situation Australia is facing in relation to the supply and demand for engineering skills. It is a resource to prompt thought and discussion.

Enhancing productivity in infrastructure delivery policy directions paper
Engineers Australia | March 2022

Enhancing productivity in infrastructure delivery

This document provides recommendations for implementation by Australian governments, in collaboration with industry and academia, to increase productivity in the infrastructure sector and to determine how engineers can best contribute to these aspirations. 

Australian engineering vacancies 2022 cover
Engineers Australia | February 2022

Australian engineering employment vacancies: July to December 2021

An investigation into the engineering employment vacancies in Australia during the period July to December 2021. 

Construction engineer learning and development guide cover
Engineers Australia | November 2021

Construction engineer learning and development guide

A guide to engineering competency in the construction sector. Developed by Engineers Australia and the Australian Constructors Association. 

Barriers to employment for migrant engineers cover
Engineers Australia | October 2021

Barriers to employment for migrant engineers

Overseas-born engineers make up over 58 per cent of Australia’s engineering workforce but are significantly more likely than their Australian-born counterparts to be unemployed. To find out why and identify how to overcome the barriers to employment these engineers face, Engineers Australia commissioned research to identify potential barriers to employment.

Thumbnail cover image of publication
Engineers Australia | October 2021

Energy governance and the engineering voice

Australia's skilled migration program submission
Engineers Australia | March 2021

Australia's skilled migration program

In this submission, Engineers Australia demonstrates that demand for engineers in Australia will always outstrip supply from domestic entry level graduates. A skilled migration program will, therefore, always be needed.

Cover of PPIR user guide
The Warren Centre | February 2017

Professional performance: a user’s guide

This is an introduction to the application by Professional Engineers of the Performance Protocol, developed and implemented as part of the PPIR (Professional Performance Innovation and Risk) Program by the Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering.

Cover of PPIR protocol for performance
The Warren Centre | November 2016

PPIR protocol for performance

This protocol documents the essentials of performance for Professional Engineers acting in a professional capacity.

Cover of PPIR program for performance
The Warren Centre | October 2015

PPIR: a program for professional performance

The Professional Performance, Innovation and Risk Program (PPIR Program) is an industry initiative undertaken by The Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering.

Cover of PPIR protocol for engagement
The Warren Centre | July 2013

PPIR protocol for engagement

This protocol informs and guides companies and public sector entities operating as clients, suppliers or employers on the essentials in making effective use of the knowledge and experience of Professional Engineers to achieve optimum outcomes and value for money in considering and undertaking an engineering task. 

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