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Grey background with red title, reading 'road safety',  in large red brakcets
Transport Australia Society | May 2024

Transport Australia society road safety policy advice paper

This paper is intended to give guidance to policy makers and transport professionals to improve road safety.

Introduction volunteering
Engineers Australia | May 2024

Introduction to volunteering at Engineers Australia

This document is intended to help our office bearers – and those considering volunteering – to understand our requirements and guide them as they work in partnership with other parts of the team to deliver our strategy and goals.

Past winners cover
Engineers Australia | April 2024

Past winners

A list of all Engineers Australia Excellence Awards winners from 1923 onwards. 

Aqua background with document symbol
Engineers Australia | April 2024

Submission to changes proposed for South Australia’s Climate Change and Greenhouse Emissions Reduction Act 2007

Engineers Australia believes an urgent transition in the construction and built environment sectors is required to meet the proposed ambitious goals within the designated time frame. We are committed to supporting the South Australian Government to achieve its climate change targets.

Grey background with red title, reading "draft rail safety code of practice - level crossings and train visibility',  in large red brackets
April 2024

Submission to draft Rail Safety Code of Practice - Level Crossings and Train Visibility

Engineers Australia supports the commitment to improving level crossing safety, by improving illumination and visibility of trains, and calls for the code to be mandatory and implemented as soon as possible.  

Grey background with red title, reading "Victorian Energy Jobs Plan Consultation",  in large red brackets
April 2024

Submission to Victorian Energy Jobs Plan

Engineers Australia commends the Victorian Government for developing a strong strategy, our responses to the government's consultation provide solutions for consideration based on research and consultations we have conducted with our expert members.

Grey background with red title, reading Inquiry into the transition to electric vehicles,  in large red brakcets
Engineers Australia | April 2024

Submission to the inquiry into the transition to electric vehicles

The task of decarbonising the transport sector is urgent and Engineers Australia commends the government for focussing on this important element of the energy transition. In this submission we call for measures to address the upfront costs of EVs and the availability of charging infrastructure, among other factors.

Project awards handbook  cover
Engineers Australia | March 2024

Excellence Awards 2024: Project Award entry handbook

The Project of the Year Award recognises Australia’s top engineering projects and the teams behind them. These projects inspire and encourage engineering distinction through teamwork, innovation and technical excellence. 


This handbook provides everything you need to know about nominating for the 2024 award. 

People awards handbook cover
Engineers Australia | March 2024

Excellence Awards 2024: People Awards entry handbook

People awards acknowledge individual engineers for outstanding innovation and resourcefulness in their work. Six awards are available based on the three occupational categories. 

This handbook provides everything you need to know about nominating for the 2024 award. 

Grey background with red text saying '2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy: Legislative Reforms' in large red brackets
Engineers Australia | March 2024

Australian cyber security strategy: legislative reforms 2023-2030

Engineers Australia offers the view of its expert members on a few alternative approaches the Department of Home Affairs could consider that may streamline cyber security solutions while still effectively addressing the issues.

Grey with navy document symbol
March 2024

Australian New Vehicle Efficiency Standard submission

Engineers Australia supports the introduction of a New Vehicle Efficiency Standard (NVES) and provides advice for Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts on the proposed options for implementing the standard.

Aqua background with document symbol
Engineers Australia | March 2024

National Skills Passport submission

Engineers Australia’s submission provides feedback on the key principles developed by the Department of Education, focusing on how a National Skills Passport would impact the engineering industry.

Build your brand toolkit cover
Engineers Australia | February 2024

Build your brand

Make your mark in a competitive field with our tailored resources. These will help unlock your skill sets, advance your career and be recognised for your achievements at every career stage.

Cover of 2022-23 gender pay gap report
Engineers Australia | February 2024

2022-2023 gender pay gap report

Engineers Australia welcomes the Workplace Gender Equality Agency public gender pay gap reporting initiative. The gender pay gap remains a persistent challenge in Australia and across many industries, and we support increased reporting, transparency and accountability as important steps to closing it.

Plain light grey background with red text saying 'National water reform inquiry' inside large red brackets
Engineers Australia | February 2024

National Water Reform 2024 Inquiry submission

Engineers Australia's submission to the National Water Reform 2024 inquiry recommends taking an integrated water management approach to achieve desired outcomes and broaden the delivery role of water utilities. This submission was developed in conjunction with members of the Queensland Division Committee, the Queensland Water Panel.

Plain light grey background with red text saying 'Keep Hobart Moving' in red brackets
Transport Australia Society | February 2024

Keeping Hobart Moving submission

The Transport Australia society and Engineers Australia give feedback on the Keeping Hobart Moving – Transport Solutions for Our Future draft plan.

Grey background with red text reading 'growing and sustaining australia's space engineering capability and capacity' inside large red brackets
Space Engineering | February 2024

Space policy advice paper

Engineers Australia’s National Committee on Space Engineering has developed a policy advice paper on Australia’s space engineering capability through the member-delivered policy and advocacy process. 

Grey cover of a submission with red writing inside bold red brackets
Engineers Australia | December 2023

Climate Active Program submission

Engineers Australia fully supports the scheme and endorses the intent of this consultation opportunity to increase the certification standards contained therein. We provide four recommendations for the program to consider.

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