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Cover of annual report 2021-22
Engineers Australia | November 2022

Annual report 2021-2022

This annual report informs of measurable progress against our strategic priorities, ensures transparent and responsible reporting for governance best practice, summarises the main activities and financial performance of our organisation, and informs stakeholders, partners, media and government of our focus. 

Cover of Engineers Australia submission to national electric vehicle strategy
Engineers Australia | November 2022

Engineers Australia submission to National Electric Vehicle Strategy

Engineers Australia answers questions set by the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water on the National Electric Vehicle Strategy.

Defence Strategic Review cover
Engineers Australia | November 2022

Defence Strategic Review: engineering the future of defence

As the peak body for the engineering profession, Engineers Australia welcomes Defence Strategic Review and encourages the implementation of reforms to strengthen and prepare the Australian Defence Force for the challenges ahead.

Cover of our submission to NSW building reform building laws
Engineers Australia | November 2022

Engineers Australia NSW Reforming Building Laws Submission

This submission outlines that Engineers Australia does not support moving the registration of professional engineers in NSW to a Building Bill. Engineers Australia strongly advocates for a stand-alone Professional Engineers Act.

Image of publication cover
Engineers Australia | October 2022

Building Legislation Amendment (Building Classes) Regulation 2022

This submission is informed by the feedback and advice on the draft regulations provided by Engineers Australia’s NSW-based members. Engineers Australia is a positive contributor to the work of the NSW Government to implement the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 (DBPA).

Image of publication cover
Engineers Australia | October 2022

Fire Safety Regulation 2022

This submission is informed by the feedback and advice on the draft regulations provided by Engineers Australia’s NSW-based members. Engineers Australia supports the NSW government’s initiative to add more rigour into the design, certification, and maintenance processes for fire safety provisions in buildings in NSW. 

Cover of Engineers Australia's submission to the productivity commission
Engineers Australia | October 2022

Engineering Australia’s productivity

This submission puts forward three areas which should be considered by the Productivity Commission in their review on ways Australia can improve productivity into the future.

Cover of CSEI action plan
Engineers Australia | October 2022

Climate Smart Engineering Initiative action plan

Engineers Australia recognises the scale and urgency of the challenges presented by climate change, the disruptions it causes, and the pivotal role of engineering in enabling a socially just transition to a sustainable society.

Engineers Australia accredited programs cover
Engineers Australia | September 2022

Engineers Australia accredited programs

A comprehensive list of EA-accredited engineering programs from Australian tertiary and VET education providers. This list is updated regularly.

Cover image of handbook
Engineers Australia | September 2022

Office Bearer Handbook 2022

This document is intended to help our office bearers – and those considering volunteering – to understand our requirements and guide them as they work in partnership with other parts of the team to deliver our strategy and goals.

Cover page of submission to ACT engineering registration scheme
Engineers Australia | September 2022

Engineers Australia submission to ACT professional engineer registration scheme

Engineers Australia's response to the proposed ACT Professional Engineer Registration Scheme 2022.

aqua background with red chevrons
Engineers Australia | September 2022

Engineers Australia submission to Safeguard Mechanism reforms

Engineers Australia's submission to the Australian Governments Climate Change Bill Safeguard Mechanism reforms.

aqua background with red chevrons
Engineers Australia | September 2022

Engineers Australia submission to list of critical technologies

Engineers Australia's submission to the consultation about the 2022 list of critical technologies in the national interest. 

Engineers Australia | August 2022

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering uses the core knowledge of the environment to create innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

Engineers Australia | August 2022

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering deals with the understanding, prediction, and calculation of the stability, strength and rigidity of built structures.

Code of ethics and guidelines on professional conduct
Engineers Australia | August 2022

Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics and Guidelines on Professional Conduct defines the values and principles that shape the decisions made, and provides a framework for members of Engineers Australia to use when exercising their judgment, in engineering practice and as members of Engineers Australia.

Red background white chevrons
Engineers Australia | August 2022

EA strategy on a page

Engineers Australia's strategy on a page outlines how we will advance society through great engineering through focused action and collaboration to deliver maximum impact and benefit for members, the profession and the community.
Victorian state registration self assessment guide cover
Engineers Australia | August 2022

Victorian state registration: Self assessment guide for holistic assessments

This guide has been developed to assist you to self-assess and collate evidence to support a holistic assessment application to demonstrate that your combination of qualifications, experience and competencies are consistent with the Professional Engineer Registration Act 2019 for registration of Professional Engineers in Victoria.

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