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Engineers Australia | September 2023

Universities Accord Interim Report submission

Engineers Australia suggests three priorities for action by Government to improve the pipeline of Australian engineers.

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Engineers Australia | September 2023

Apply for membership – Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos member

This guide explains the options available to Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos (CICCP) members who want to apply for membership with Engineers Australia under the agreement between both organisations. 

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Engineers Australia | September 2023

Engineers Australia ACT Integrated Energy Plan position paper

Engineers Australia provides feedback and recommendations, informed by members, on the ACT Integrated Energy Plan.

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Engineers Australia | September 2023

Engineers Australia submission to NSW Decennial Liability Insurance proposal

This submission calls for national consistent building reforms, including a national Decennial Liability Insurance market and a straightforward claims process among other asks.

Excellence Awards 2023 showcase cover
Engineers Australia | September 2023

Excellence Awards 2023 showcase

This interactive booklet showcases the Excellence Awards 2023 nominees and winners. 


Engineers Australia’s awards program promotes the prestige of the practice of engineering while recognising the outstanding achievements of individual engineering professionals.

Engineers Australia accredited programs cover
Engineers Australia | September 2023

Engineers Australia accredited programs

A comprehensive list of Engineers Australia accredited engineering programs from Australian tertiary and VET education providers. This list is updated regularly.

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Engineers Australia | August 2023

Engineering an AI framework for schools

Engineers Australia advocates for a balanced approach to the regulation and use of AI, to allow the benefits to be harnessed while safeguarding professionals, educators, students and the community.

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Engineers Australia | August 2023

AI in education submission to parliamentary inquiry

Engineers Australia’s submission provides feedback on the terms of reference focusing on how Generative AI tools will impact engineering education.

Navy blue cover of Hydrogen Strategy Review submission with red hexagon graphic in the middle of the page
Engineers Australia | August 2023

National Hydrogen Strategy Review: Engineers Australia submission

The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water are reviewing the National Hydrogen Strategy, first published in 2019. Engineers Australia's submission to the review includes information about the potential for hydrogen to be an important contributor to our transition to net zero through use in industry, transport, grid firming, chemicals and metals production.

Professional standards framework cover
Engineers Australia | August 2023

Professional standards framework

The Engineers Australia Professional Standards Framework is the integrated system of policies, processes and resources that guide and support engineers to practice engineering ethically, competently and responsibly. It applies throughout their careers from pre-qualification through to advanced practice and executive management and leadership and is designed to set, uphold and enhance standards that protect the public and build resilience and trust in the profession.

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Engineers Australia | July 2023

Spokespersons policy

In accordance with Engineers Australia’s mission to be recognised as a trusted source of information representing the profession, our spokespersons are expected to follow protocols to ensure consistency across our public messages and communications to protect our reputation and good standing.

Cover for our responsible AI submission, grey background and red text
Engineers Australia | July 2023

Responsible AI in Australia, an engineering perspective

Engineers Australia’s submission to the Safe and Responsible AI in Australia discussion paper.

Fundamentals of risk management for insurance purposes
Engineers Australia | July 2023

Fundamentals of risk management for insurance purposes

A guide for engineering sole traders and small business engineering enterprises. 

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Engineers Australia | June 2023

Victoria State Infrastructure Strategy Update

In this submission, Engineers Australia provides feedback to Infrastructure Victoria in response to the State Infrastructure Strategy Update. Engineers Australia broadly supports the principles and objectives defined in the Strategy and has provided responses and advice.

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Engineers Australia | May 2023

Systems engineering

Systems engineering deals with the interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realisation of successful systems.  

Cover of clean energy workforce capacity study submission
Engineers Australia | May 2023

Clean energy workforce capacity study

The Australian Government has commissioned Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) to undertake a capacity study on the workforce needs for Australia's transition to a clean energy economy. JSA is identifying the pathways to develop the required skills and training, the contribution of the migration program and how opportunities are shared across regions and incorporate diversity. Our submission draws on the work we have done in strengthening the engineering workforce in Australia, women in engineering and reducing the barriers for migrant engineers.

Image of a crane working on a building site cropped in a hexagon shape in front of a white background with a red text title
Engineers Australia | May 2023

Guide for design engineers and building certifiers

This guide takes an in-principle approach, laying out best practice in terms of communication, problem solving, record keeping and teamwork, which design engineers and building certifiers will find helpful.

Three cropped images of different apartment buildings on a white background with a red text title
Engineers Australia | May 2023

Managing building defects: roles, responsibilities and collaboration among owners, strata managers and engineers

This document is intended to provide high-level guidance on the obligations, responsibilities, and areas of expertise of owners, strata managers and engineers over the lifecycle of a building.

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