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Women in engineering: June 2022
Engineers Australia | June 2022

Women in engineering

Identifying avenues for increasing female participation in engineering, by understanding the motivators and barriers around entry and progression. 

National data security action plan
Engineers Australia | June 2022

National data security action plan

Engineers Australia submission responding to the 15 explicit questions posed in the national data security action plan discussion paper produced by the Australian Government.

Engineers Australia | June 2021

Heritage Act Review

Engineers Australia | June 2021

Private Insurance Market Submission

Engineers Australia | June 2021

State Infrastructure Strategy and Regional Infrastructure Plans - Building an even better Queensland

Engineers Australia | June 2020

DER ride through test procedure AEMO

Engineers Australia | June 2020

Reforms to approval process for commercial buildings

Engineers Australia | June 2020

Technology Investment Roadmap

Maritime transport infrastructure discussion paper
Transport Australia Society | June 2020

Maritime transport

This document aims to improve marine transport infrastructure and services in Australia. It is intended to inform discussion in relation to the important issues and challenges faced in the industry currently and to ensure the industry has the capacity and capability to efficiently harness future growth opportunities from new and expanded industries.

National Committee on Rehabilitation Engineering | June 2020

Rehabilitation engineering in Australia

Engineers Australia | June 2019

COAG ESB Actionable Integrated Systems Plan

Engineering profession statistical overview cover
Engineers Australia | June 2019

The engineering profession: a statistical overview, 14th edition

This report aims to contribute to an understanding of Australia’s engineering profession by compiling statistics about engineers in Australia. The statistical overview fills a gap created by the fragmented nature of Australian official statistics as they relate to specific professions and occupational groups.

Engineers Australia | June 2018

National Energy Guarantee Final Design

Engineers Australia | June 2017

Defence industry in NSW

Engineers Australia | June 2017

Regional Development and a Global Sydney

Cover of Engineering Heritage Recognition Program guide
Engineering Heritage Australia | June 2017

Guide to engineering heritage recognition program

This guide details the Engineering Heritage Australia's Engineering Heritage Recognition Program. 

The purpose of the program is to encourage conservation of Australian engineering heritage and to raise community awareness of engineering and the benefits it provides.

Engineers Australia | June 2017

Review of Victoria’s Electricity and Gas Network Safety Framework

EHA cover
Engineering Heritage Australia | June 2015

EHA Magazine, volume 1, edition 7

This edition explores the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence, the Great Melbourne Telescope, Stawell Water Supply, and John Monash’s earliest pier and girder concrete bridge.

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