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Engineers Australia | November 2023

Reducing infrastructure embodied emissions

Engineers Australia acknowledges that addressing embedded and active emissions in the infrastructure sector is a pressing global challenge that requires immediate attention. We advocate that consideration needs to be given to the social, economic and environment costs of climate change on infrastructure as part of managing current and future impacts. This paper was produced through Engineers Australia’s member delivered policy and advocacy initiative.

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Engineers Australia | December 2022

Inquiry into plastic pollution in Australia’s oceans and waterways

Engineers Australia welcomes the opportunity to submit a response into the Inquiry into plastic pollution in Australia’s oceans and waterways. Plastic pollution is of course more widespread than in aquatic ecosystems alone however it is in marine environments that the effect of plastic pollution is most widely observed.

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Engineers Australia | November 2022

Engineers Australia submission to National Electric Vehicle Strategy

Engineers Australia answers questions set by the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water on the National Electric Vehicle Strategy.

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Engineers Australia | April 2022

Review of International Offsets consultation

Engineers Australia submission to the Climate Change Authority’s review of assessment principles for international offsets markets.

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Engineers Australia | April 2022

Changes to building energy efficiency provisions in Northern Territory

Read our submission which supports the adoption of National Construction Code (NCC) 2019 Section J into the future design and construction process.
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Engineers Australia | February 2022

Low Emissions Technology Statement

Engineers Australia provides a set of recommendations to the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources based on its Low Emissions Technology Statement 2022.

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Engineers Australia | May 2016

Engineers Australia response to the Review of Environmental Factors for Newcastle Light Rail

Engineers Australia has examined the REF for the Proposed Newcastle Light Rail (NLR) and has concluded that the Proposal does not satisfy the key transport and urban design objectives for which it has been planned (the NTUPP), that it fails to deliver an integrated transport system and that alternatives are available which can meet these objectives and this integration.

Cover of DYD stakeholder consultation process
Environmental College | April 2013

The DYD stakeholder consultation process

This guide was prepared to enable education institutions and industry organisations to use the Define Your Discipline (DYD) Stakeholder Consultation Process to develop practitioner-authenticated graduate capability frameworks for the programs in their discipline

Cover for graduate capability framework environmental engineering
Environmental College | March 2013

A graduate capability framework for environmental engineering programs

This guide is designed to inform environmental engineering stakeholders about the profession’s expectations regarding the capabilities of graduates during their first two or three years of practice. It is expected that each group of stakeholders will use the guide in different ways

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