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Engineers Australia | June 2012

Stage 2 competency standard for professional engineers

The Stage 2 Competency Standards are the profession's expression of the knowledge and skill base, engineering application abilities, and professional skills, values and attitudes that must be demonstrated in order to practise independently or unsupervised.

Society of Fire Safety | March 2012

Fire and life safety in existing buildings during construction

Engineers Australia | 2012

Conserving a wheeled steam engine

Engineers Australia | 2012

Assessment and conservation of movable heritage

Engineers Australia | 2012

Assessment and conservation of a timber building

Engineers Australia | 2012

Assessment and conservation of an industrial heritage item

Engineers Australia | 2012

Assessment of an industrial site

EHA practice note cover
Engineering Heritage Australia | 2012

Conservation of engineering heritage items

Engineers Australia | 2012

Assessment of engineering heritage items

Cover of EHA practice note
Engineering Heritage Australia | 2012

Assessment of engineering heritage items

The purpose of this practice note is to provide engineers and others with a process for assessing engineering heritage significance.

Annual report 2011-2012 cover
Engineers Australia | 2012

Annual report 2011-2012

Summary of key outcomes for Engineers Australia for financial year 2011-2012. 

Society of Fire Safety | 2012

Design fires

Women in Engineering | 2012

Industry blueprint of successful in-house professional women’s programs

Engineers Australia | 2012

Survey of working environment and engineering careers

Engineers Australia | 2012

Government as an informed buyer

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