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EHA cover
Engineering Heritage Australia | December 2014

EHA Magazine, volume 1, edition 5

This edition includes 100 years of the HS Taylor Header Harvester, the construction of the Bairnsdale to Orbost Railway, and John Monash's innovative bridge designs. 

Annual report 2013-2014 cover
Engineers Australia | November 2014

Annual report 2013-2014

Engineers Australia’s annual report aims to inform members of measurable progress against annual and long-term goals, ensure transparency in reporting, informed by contemporary approaches to corporate responsibility reporting, give due emphasis to the key sections of the Institution including the Divisions, Colleges and Special Interest Groups, to ensure members are adequately updated on all areas of the organisation, and ensure the annual report process encompasses principal reporting obligations flowing from the Charter and By-Laws for the Board, Congress, Divisions, Colleges and Technical Societies. 

Sustainability policy cover
Engineers Australia | November 2014

Sustainability policy

Engineers Australia is committed to working in a way that ensures the long-term survival of life on earth in a fair and equitable way. Our Sustainability Policy covers the principles, guidelines and plan we will work to for the next few years.

EHA cover
Engineering Heritage Australia | September 2014

EHA Magazine, volume 1, edition 4

This edition looks at an unusual concrete bridge in Queensland, a great Australian invention, the B–24 Liberator Bomber and the Werribee Hangar, and the Sydney Harbour control tower.

EHA cover
Engineering Heritage Australia | June 2014

EHA Magazine, volume 1, edition 3

This edition covers the dawn of early railways in Australia, a report on the EHA Heritage Recognition Program, and Roman concrete. 

EHA cover
Engineering Heritage Australia | March 2014

EHA Magazine, volume 1, edition 2

This edition includes the Great Ocean Road - the world's largest war memorial, 2000 years of stone bridges in Provence, the The Electrolytic Zinc Co. of Australasia Ltd., and the Port of Clarence. 

Aqua background with document symbol
Engineers Australia | March 2014

CPD types and conditions

CPD can be taken in many ways including formal, structured learning as well as private study. Engineers Australia has conditions around the types of CPD you complete towards your continued membership.

Engineers Australia | 2014

Energy security for Australia: crafting a comprehensive energy security policy

Engineers Australia | 2014

Our FLNG future: engineering opportunities and challenges

The introduction of Floating Liquefied Natural Gas facilities (FLNG) into the Western Australian gas industry marks a major step change in the way natural gas fields can be developed.

EHA practice note cover
Engineering Heritage Australia | 2014

Evaluation of engineering heritage

The purpose of this practice note is to provide engineers and others with essential background information on the assessment of the engineering heritage significance of an item or work.

Safety case guideline cover
Risk Engineering Society | 2014

Safety case guideline

Clarifying the safety case concept to engineer due diligence under the provisions of the model Work Health and Safety Act 2011. 

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