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Engineers Australia | December 2016

Accreditation framework for competent building certifiers

Engineers Australia | December 2016

Victorian Building Authority Code of Conduct Protocol

Engineers Australia | November 2016

Skilled Occupation List, review for 2017-2018

Engineers Australia | November 2016

The Retirement of Coal Fired Power Stations

Annual report cover 2016
Engineers Australia | November 2016

Annual report 2015-2016

Engineers Australia’s annual report aims to inform members of measurable progress against annual and long-term goals, ensure transparency in reporting, informed by contemporary approaches to corporate responsibility reporting, give due emphasis to the key sections of the Institution including the Divisions, Colleges and Special Interest Groups, to ensure members are adequately updated on all areas of the organisation, and ensure the annual report process encompasses principal reporting obligations flowing from the Charter and By-Laws for the Board, Congress, Divisions, Colleges and Technical Societies. 

Cover of PPIR protocol for performance
The Warren Centre | November 2016

PPIR protocol for performance

This protocol documents the essentials of performance for Professional Engineers acting in a professional capacity.

Engineers Australia | October 2016

Victoria's Draft 30-Year Infrastructure Strategy

Engineers Australia | October 2016

Western Sydney Rail Needs Scoping Study

Engineers Australia | October 2016

Auditor General’s report on Flood Resilience of River Catchments

Engineers Australia | October 2016

A Statutory Registration Scheme for Victorian Engineers

EHA cover
Engineering Heritage Australia | October 2016

EHA Magazine, volume 2, edition 4

This edition explores the story of Barque “James Craig”, the Bairnsdale to Orbost Railway, trams in Australia, and Ferguson Tractors.

Engineers Australia | September 2016

Advancing Climate Action in Queensland

Engineers Australia | September 2016

Tasmania Energy Security Taskforce's Consultation Paper

Engineers Australia | September 2016

Draft Transport Access Strategy

EHA cover
Engineering Heritage Australia | July 2016

EHA Magazine, volume 2, edition 3

This edition looks at making connections in Western Australia, Jindalee Over-the-horizon Radar, Cremorne Railway Bridge, and provides and update from Engineering Heritage Queensland.

Engineers Australia | May 2016

Tasmania Draft State Planning Provisions

Engineers Australia | May 2016

Australian Consumer Law Review

Engineers Australia | May 2016

The Financial Position and Performance of Government Owned Energy Entities

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