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Urban Transport Systems title in red on a grey background. Large red brackets sit around the red title.
Transport Australia Society | August 2023

Urban Transport Systems Report (August 2023)

This paper has been developed by Engineers Australia’s Transport Australia Society (TAs) to provide expert advice to governments, policy makers and other stakeholders with a role in policy, planning, operating and delivery of Australia’s urban transport systems.

aqua background with navy document symbol
Engineers Australia | August 2023

AI in education submission to parliamentary inquiry

Engineers Australia’s submission provides feedback on the terms of reference focusing on how Generative AI tools will impact engineering education.

Navy blue cover of Hydrogen Strategy Review submission with red hexagon graphic in the middle of the page
Engineers Australia | August 2023

National Hydrogen Strategy Review: Engineers Australia submission

The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water are reviewing the National Hydrogen Strategy, first published in 2019. Engineers Australia's submission to the review includes information about the potential for hydrogen to be an important contributor to our transition to net zero through use in industry, transport, grid firming, chemicals and metals production.

Cover of academic document, grey background and three images one of a steam train, one of a windmill, one of a merry-go-round
Engineering Heritage Australia | August 2023

An engineer’s guide to the conservation of Australia’s engineering heritage

This guide is designed to assist engineers working on a built item or its intangible heritage, to assess the significance of the item and its components and devise a course of action to achieve the conservation of the significance of the item.

aqua background with navy document symbol
Engineers Australia | August 2023

National Framework for Recycled Content Traceability

Engineers Australia's response to the proposed National Framework for Recycled Content Traceability Discussion Paper.

navy background with red text and a large red hexagon
Engineers Australia | August 2023

Practice Standard for Professional Engineers Submission

Engineers Australia raises concerns about the standard’s regulations which we argue place unrealistic obligations on individual employees to the NSW Building Commission.

Aqua background with document symbol
Engineers Australia | July 2023

Spokespersons policy

In accordance with Engineers Australia’s mission to be recognised as a trusted source of information representing the profession, our spokespersons are expected to follow protocols to ensure consistency across our public messages and communications to protect our reputation and good standing.

Cover for our responsible AI submission, grey background and red text
Engineers Australia | July 2023

Responsible AI in Australia, an engineering perspective

Engineers Australia’s submission to the Safe and Responsible AI in Australia discussion paper.

Fundamentals of risk management for insurance purposes
Engineers Australia | July 2023

Fundamentals of risk management for insurance purposes

A guide for engineering sole traders and small business engineering enterprises. 

Cover of the code of practice for urban draining modelling Western Australia
Water Engineering | July 2023

Code of practice: urban and peri-urban drainage modelling

This code of practice provides advice on urban and peri-urban drainage modelling in a Western Australian context. It provides support for the application of relevant guidance, particularly Australian Rainfall and Runoff and the Stormwater Management Manual for Western Australia, when undertaking urban drainage modelling in support of land use planning decisions in Western Australia.


Developed by the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia, Stormwater Western Australia and Engineers Australia.

Cover of EHA Magazine
Engineering Heritage Australia | June 2023

EHA Magazine, volume 4, edition 4

This edition includes the Duck Reach Hydroelectric Power Scheme, Harris Creek Railway Bridge, Catalina PBY Flying Boats and the Belconnen Naval Transmitter Station. 

Image of cover
Engineers Australia | June 2023

Victoria State Infrastructure Strategy Update

In this submission, Engineers Australia provides feedback to Infrastructure Victoria in response to the State Infrastructure Strategy Update. Engineers Australia broadly supports the principles and objectives defined in the Strategy and has provided responses and advice.

Pale red background with document symbol
June 2023

Engineers Australia annual plan 2023-24

Engineers Australia's annual plan 2023-24 outlines key outcomes the business is striving to achieve this year.

aqua background with navy document symbol
Engineers Australia | June 2023

Setting, tracking and achieving Australia’s emissions reduction targets

Engineers Australia's response to the Climate Change Authority’s consultations on:

  • Advice on emissions reduction targets for Australia’s next Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) under the Paris Agreement.
  • Review of the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Act 2011 (CFI Review).
  • Review of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 (NGER Review).
Pale red background with document symbol
Engineers Australia | May 2023

Engineers Australia strategy 2023-24

Engineers Australia's strategy on a page outlines the long-term outcomes we want to achieve and defines our critical work.
Orange with document symbol
Engineers Australia | May 2023

Systems engineering

Systems engineering deals with the interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realisation of successful systems.  

Cover of clean energy workforce capacity study submission
Engineers Australia | May 2023

Clean energy workforce capacity study

The Australian Government has commissioned Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) to undertake a capacity study on the workforce needs for Australia's transition to a clean energy economy. JSA is identifying the pathways to develop the required skills and training, the contribution of the migration program and how opportunities are shared across regions and incorporate diversity. Our submission draws on the work we have done in strengthening the engineering workforce in Australia, women in engineering and reducing the barriers for migrant engineers.

Image of a crane working on a building site cropped in a hexagon shape in front of a white background with a red text title
Engineers Australia | May 2023

Guide for design engineers and building certifiers

This guide takes an in-principle approach, laying out best practice in terms of communication, problem solving, record keeping and teamwork, which design engineers and building certifiers will find helpful.

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