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Engineers Australia | May 2023

Systems engineering

Systems engineering deals with the interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realisation of successful systems.  

Cover of clean energy workforce capacity study submission
Engineers Australia | May 2023

Clean energy workforce capacity study

The Australian Government has commissioned Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) to undertake a capacity study on the workforce needs for Australia's transition to a clean energy economy. JSA is identifying the pathways to develop the required skills and training, the contribution of the migration program and how opportunities are shared across regions and incorporate diversity. Our submission draws on the work we have done in strengthening the engineering workforce in Australia, women in engineering and reducing the barriers for migrant engineers.

Image of a crane working on a building site cropped in a hexagon shape in front of a white background with a red text title
Engineers Australia | May 2023

Guide for design engineers and building certifiers

This guide takes an in-principle approach, laying out best practice in terms of communication, problem solving, record keeping and teamwork, which design engineers and building certifiers will find helpful.

Three cropped images of different apartment buildings on a white background with a red text title
Engineers Australia | May 2023

Managing building defects: roles, responsibilities and collaboration among owners, strata managers and engineers

This document is intended to provide high-level guidance on the obligations, responsibilities, and areas of expertise of owners, strata managers and engineers over the lifecycle of a building.

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Engineers Australia | May 2023

Pathway to diversity in STEM review dialogue starter

Engineers Australia calls for diversity and inclusion efforts driven by commitment from organisational leaders and support from government.

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Engineers Australia | May 2023

University sector review panel discussion paper WA

Engineers Australia believes there is an opportunity for significant benefit through increased collaboration between university and industry.

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Engineers Australia | May 2023

ANZSCO maintenance consultation submission

Engineers Australia gives advice on the term 'engineer' stating it should be limited to occupations which are underpinned by an engineering qualification accredited against international standards.

Navy and red cover for Engineers Australia's submission on Fuel Efficiency standards
Engineers Australia | May 2023

Fuel efficiency standard submission

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communication and the Arts has conducted a consultation on the key elements of an Australian Fuel Efficiency Standard. This is an important initiative to cut costs and reduce the carbon pollution from Australia’s cars and light commercial vehicles. This consultation builds on the work done in developing the National Electric Vehicle Strategy to which Engineers Australia also made a submission.

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Engineers Australia | May 2023

Decarbonising infrastructure: submission to Infrastructure Victoria

Engineers Australia recommends Infrastructure Victoria looks for consistency in collaboration with other Infrastructure bodies, and that they review Infrastructure Australia’s 2022 Replacement Materials report which shines a light on opportunities to use recycled materials in road infrastructure.

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Engineers Australia | April 2023

Developing Australia's science priority

Engineers Australia's response to the federal government's statement Developing Australia’s Science and Research Priorities and National Science – a National Conversation Starter. We outline a brief summary of the most important challenges in engineering for Australia.

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Engineers Australia | April 2023

Submission to inquiry into developing advanced manufacturing in Australia

Developing Australia’s domestic capability in digital technologies is a must. Engineers Australia calls for government to look at the skills and resource requirements needed to upskill or reskill the workforce to achieve advanced manufacturing capability.

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Engineers Australia | April 2023

Submission to the Australian Universities Accord

Engineers Australia's submission to the Australian Universities Accord, Aligning education with Australia's national interests, highlights the importance of engineers in our current and future workforce. We outline the significance of higher education in developing engineers to support Australia's sovereign capability and prosperity. 

Image of cyber security submission cover
Engineers Australia | April 2023

2023–2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy

Securing Australian cyber space and building a robust and resilient cyber ecosystem will require a comprehensive, agile, and inclusive strategy. Engineers Australia’s submission offers the view of its expert members on what the Government could do to achieve the goal of securing our nation’s cyber ecosystem and shift the dial to move cyber security front of mind. 

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Northern Division | April 2023

Water security in the Northern Territory

Statement on water security in the Northern Territory: Engineers Australia acknowledges access to safe and secure supplies of drinking water are critical for human health and the wellbeing of present and future generations. We have set out seven principles that are key to delivering better water security outcomes in the Northern Territory.

Blue page with red writing and a digital red cube drawing
Engineers Australia | March 2023

Engineering a resilient and sustainable rural, regional and remote road network

Engineers Australia's submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Regional Development, Infrastructure and Transport, calls on knowledge from Engineers Australia's position on climate change to make recommendations that highlight the growing importance of the regional road network in a heating climate.

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Engineers Australia | March 2023

Submission to national battery strategy

The Department of Industry, Science and Resources consulted on a National Battery Strategy issues paper. Engineers Australia's submission focuses on moving up the value chain, starting in mineral processing, covering all processes and precursors before mass manufacturing, assembly in niche applications and leveraging safety standards and ESG credentials for competitive advantage.

Blue and red cover of Engineering Heritage Australia's submission to the NSW Audit Office
Engineering Heritage Australia | February 2023

Engineers Australia submission to the Audit Office of NSW

Engineering Heritage Australia call on the Audit Office of NSW to address an imbalance in NSW state significant items to include all forms of heritage, movable and immovable and tangible and intangible from all eras.

Cover of Engineers Australia's vacancy report
February 2023

Australian Engineering Employment Vacancies - January to December 2022

The growing shortage of critical engineering skills throughout Australia is major risk to all infrastructure, defence and renewable energies projects, generating significant project delays and cost blowout throughout the country. In the Australian Engineering Employment Vacancies report, Engineers Australia is offering you an analysis of the current engineering labour market in Australia across all states and territories.

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