Migrant skills assessment terms

Terms and conditions for migrant skills assessment applicants.

I confirm that all statements of fact in this report are true and correct, and I have made claims of acquired competencies in good faith.

I confirm that the report is all my own work and is a true representation of my personal competencies is written English, I did not use nor engage any third party professional writers or companies to assist or complete my submitted documentation.

I confirm I understand that members of the engineering team in Australia are required to display a commitment to exercising professional and ethical responsibility in all aspects of their work.

I understand that documentation submitted in support of my application may be referred to the Australian Department of Home Affairs for integrity checking (if appropriate).

I understand that providing false or misleading documentation is an offence that would lead to the rejection of my application, notification to the Department of Home Affairs and a 12-month ban from applying to Engineers Australia for any products or services (if appropriate).

I understand I will no longer be able to modify my application after its submission, and the assessor may request submission of original documents in particular circumstances, notably if a document is unclear or if there are discrepancies in the documents.

Last updated: 21 December 2021