Terms of access

Outlines the terms of access to Engineers Australia events. 

By attending an online or face-to-face event at Engineers Australia:

  1. You are expected to behave in a professional, courteous and appropriate manner consistent with the Engineers Australia Code of Ethics and the law. 
  2. You must comply with all verbal and written directions given by Engineers Australia regarding your participation in the event.
  3. Engineers Australia reserves the right, without any liability, to refuse admission to, or to eject you from an event, in its absolute discretion, including (without limitation), for failure to comply with these terms and conditions or, of in the opinion of Engineers Australia, you represent a security risk, nuisance or annoyance to the running of an event. 

Further information can be found at: 

Any questions regarding the Terms of Access to Engineers Australia's events can be made to the National Professional Development Manager.

Last updated: June 2020