Global Day of the Engineer

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Making a world of difference

Engineers Australia is proud to partner with DiscoverE in celebrating the Global Day of the Engineer on Wednesday 24 February.

Global Day of the Engineer brings together the international community to recognise the accomplishments of engineers, give students around the world a chance to experience engineering and share the amazing innovations engineers create every day.

This year, Engineers Australia has pledged to support this worldwide initiative by thanking engineers for their enormous contribution to our community. From developing WiFi to providing us with clean drinking water – engineers have made a world of difference in all our lives.

Thank an Engineer

You can join in the celebration by sharing a photo or video of your response to our question: What would you thank an engineer for?

Share your contribution on social media and include our official hashtags: #thankanengineer and #globalengineer.  If you don’t have a social media account, send us your photo or video and we’ll upload it on your behalf.

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Be part of the movement that celebrates this amazing group of people and help grow our next generation of innovations.