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Engineers Australia is the national forum for the advancement of engineering and the professional development of our members. We are committed to promoting and advocating for our profession, its many industries and those who proudly bear the title of engineer.

Join our engineering community today to gain access to the people, places and promotions to accelerate your career goals.

Whether you are:

• a young engineer or an engineer with 20 plus years in the industry,

• participating in the engineering industry and not an engineer yourself, or

• someone who is curious by all the ways engineers help create the world around us.

We welcome you to explore membership options and be part of our passionate engineering community!

Follow the simple steps below to start your membership application.

Find out how we assess your qualifications and competencies and the assessment process.



Fee Calculator

Please use the online calculator below to determine the fee payable with your application for membership to Engineers Australia.

Fee calculation includes admission/readmission application fee where applicable.

Grade of membership you wish to apply for

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are varying membership fees. Please use the calculator above or visit the Membership Fees page to ascertain your category.

The Membership Fees for 2019 are summarised below:






FREE - $574 per year



$294 - $574 per year



$382 - $767 per year

Companion & Affiliate


$290 per year

Joining via Mutual Recognition Agreement


FROM $294 -$574 per year

Prices may vary depending on time of year and application fee.

Eligibility for membership is dependant on completion of an accredited or recognised engineering qualification, coupled with relevant work experience in the engineering field. Qualifications can be recognised by successful completion of;

If you are unemployed, studying a post-graduate course, retired or experiencing financial difficulties you may be eligible for a membership subscription concession. Find out if you are eligible here. 

Engineers Australia does not suspend membership. Direct Debit and Concession options may be of interest to assist during financial hardship.

Members wishing to resign their membership are required to do so in writing; by mail, email or fax. To assist us to identify you accurately, please include your Engineers Australia membership number, full name and contact details, along with a brief reason for your decision to resign.

Members can also log into myPortal to create their own resignation application.


Please rejoin by re-establishing your access to myPortal (you may need to reset your password) and then following the application prompts from the Membership tile in myPortal

Re-admission at the same membership grade

To reinstate lapsed membership at the same professional category, please complete an online application for readmission via myPortal. Please use your previous membership number/ EAID to log in to to commence your application.

Re-admission at a higher membership grade

To reinstate lapsed membership at a higher membership grade to the grade you previously held, please complete an online application via myPortal. Please use your previous membership number/ EAID to log in to to commence your application.

Re-admission for Chartered Status 

Start an online application for readmission to Chartered status


Fees associated with re-admission and renewal of membership can be found in the current fee schedule. 

View Membership Fees

In most cases you will need:

  • at least one primary identification document such as a passport photo page, driver’s licence or copy of your birth certificate
  • Degree certificate (testamur) & Academic Transcript or a previous Assessment Letter from Engineers Australia (such as a Migration Skills Assessment Outcome letter)
  • A Current Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume’ or equivalent

Students do not need to provide Qualifications documents and Graduates do not need to provide a CV or equivalent. 

If applying for Fellow you will also need to have support from two (2) current Fellow members of Engineers Australia.