Sydney Migrant Engineers Group

The Sydney Migrant Engineers Group supports engineers who have overseas qualifications and who would like to continue their engineering careers in Australia.

This group is newly-formed and has many plans to improve the employability of engineering professionals who don’t have local experience or references.

We aim to deliver online and in-person events at least three times a year. In-person events create opportunities for migrant engineers to network and meet industry leaders. Online events will help migrant engineers to close gaps in their knowledge of the Australian job market, help them with the job application process and other relevant information which may not be evident from other sources.

Also visit Engineers Australia's learning and events page to see available training and events.


The group is run by a committee of volunteers with online meetings every four weeks.

Current committee members are:

  • Gaudioso Balot – Chair
  • Jonathan Devasagayam – Vice-Chair
  • Hans Ivan Angping – Secretary
  • Nazmul Hasan – Assistant Secretary
  • Elena Shulyak – Networking Event Coordinator
  • Sandhya Menon – Event Coordinator
  • Mandip Kharel – Event Assistant
  • Mohan Gannavarapu – Social Media Administrator
  • Misbah Khan – Social Media Administrator
  • Khalid Javed

Engage with us

Join us on our LinkedIn page and LinkedIn group to communicate with a wide group of migrant engineers.

You can also join us on EA Exchange to network with the group and other engineering community members.

Call 1300 653 113 if you have any questions about the Sydney Migrant Engineers Group.