Chartered for 15+ years' experience

A premium pathway to Chartered for senior engineering professionals.

If you have more than 15 years’ experience, you’re likely to be a senior leader within the engineering profession. You would’ve also demonstrated the 16 competencies required to get a Chartered credential many times during your career.

That’s why we’ve made it easier for senior engineering professionals to apply for Chartered via an interview. This premium pathway cuts out the industry review and formal assessment steps, acknowledging your years of experience with a minimal time commitment.


To be eligible to apply you’ll need:

  • At least 15 years of post-graduate experience.
  • To have held significant responsibility across your career including leading teams or projects.
  • Engineers Australia membership at Member level or higher.

How to apply

If you’re eligible to apply, follow the instructions below:

Create an expanded CV detailing major projects you’ve been responsible for and your key achievements. This should include the positions you’ve held, situations, problems and opportunities you’ve faced and the specialist skills or knowledge you used to achieve a positive outcome. The aim of this is to ensure the assessors can clearly see how you’ve met the 16 competencies associated with your occupational category.

Within your CV, include the names, position, company and contact details of two referees. One of your referees should be able to verify your CV and qualifications. Then, email your CV and referees to us requesting to apply for Chartered for 15+ years’ experience.

Next, we’ll email you a self-assessment form to complete. Complete the self-assessment form and email it back to us.

If your pre-approval is confirmed, you’ll receive another email from us with a link allowing you to apply via the EA portal.

Use the link you received in the email and follow the prompts in the portal to upload:

  • the CV you emailed to us including the details of your two referees
  • evidence of your continuing professional development (CPD). You must have completed a minimum of 150 hours of CPD over the previous three years.
  • a colour-scanned copy of your photo identification. A passport or driver licence is fine.

A professional interview with an Engineers Australia assessor is the final step to becoming Chartered.

We’ll be in touch to arrange a time for your professional interview with one of our assessors and you’ll receive an invitation to the online Teams or Skype interview. It generally takes a few weeks for an interview to be scheduled.

The interview will take approximately one hour and will include a broad discussion about your engineering career. The assessor will be looking for evidence you’ve met the 16 competencies related to your occupational category. They’ll also use the interview to ascertain the depth and breadth of your engineering knowledge and experience in your area/s of practice.

It’s recommended but not mandatory, to prepare a short presentation introducing yourself and highlighting the key projects or activities that illustrate your achievements. A maximum of six to eight slides is fine.

Watch a short video about the professional interview.

Application outcome

You’ll receive a confirmation email in the member portal after the interview letting you know the outcome of your Chartered application. The assessor may also tell you the outcome of your application at the end of the interview.

If your Chartered application is successful, you’ll also receive your official Chartered certificate in the mail soon after.


Once you’ve qualified for a Chartered credential, you’ll be able to use a post-nominal after your name. Depending on your occupational category, you’ll gain one of the following post-nominals:

  • Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng)
  • Chartered Technologist (CEngT) or
  • Chartered Associate (CEngA)

Gain recognition

In addition to post-nominals, you can now share your Chartered credential as a digital badge to showcase your achievement 

By representing your Chartered status credential with a verified digital badge, you can demonstrate your professional capability to employers, prospective clients and peers.  

The Chartered digital badge is delivered through Credly’s Acclaim platform.

You will receive an email from [email protected] 

  1. Click the button in the email to accept your badge.  
  2. Create a free account on the Acclaim website. 
  3. Claim your badge. 
  4. Upload to your professional social media accounts, use in your email signature, online proposals and digital CV. 


The fee to apply for Chartered with 15+ years’ experience is $1985.50 including GST.

To add an additional area of practice the fee is $365 including GST.

If you have any questions about credentials or membership, contact us.