For migration agents

Set up an online account in our portal and help clients with their migration skills assessment.

Engineers Australia is authorised by the Australian government’s Department of Home Affairs to assess the qualifications, skills and experience of engineering professionals for migration purposes.

Each year we assess the skills of thousands of overseas engineering professionals to help them move forward with their migration goals. We help with skills assessment for both temporary or permanent migration.

Our online portal allows migration agents, legal practitioners and exempt persons to lodge and manage migration skills assessment applications on behalf of clients. The whole process is managed through the Engineers Australia portal.

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Create an account in the portal. You’ll receive your account ID via email once you’ve created your account.
  2. Read the migration agent online user’s guide. This guide will help you to register your agency in the portal, set up your migration agent’s profile in the portal, manage clients and create applications on behalf of them.
  3. Read the migration skills assessment page and download the prepare your migration skills assessment application document. You will also need to also complete a migration agency creation form to register your business with us.
  4. Create an ID in the portal for each of your clients. You’ll need to lodge applications for your clients under their own ID, not your agent’s ID.

When you’ve read through the requirements for a migration skills assessment, work with your client to choose the right assessment pathway. Choosing the right pathway is important so if you’ve got questions, contact us for guidance.

Once your client has completed the tasks they need to do themselves, gather the documents from them for uploading. When you’ve got everything together, lodge your client’s application online.

All communication about the progress of the application will be sent to you on behalf of your client. It’s your responsibility to keep them informed of the status of their application.

Client forms

Appoint migration agent form (PDF)
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End migration agent appointment form (PDF)
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