For migrants

We provide services to help you reach your migration goals.

With more than 120,000 members, Engineers Australia is Australia’s national body for engineers. We are also the Australian government’s approved authority to assess skills and competencies for the engineering profession.

Our work with the Department of Home Affairs, migration agents and other international organisations streamlines the migration process.

Each year we assess the skills of thousands of overseas engineers to help them move forward with their migration goals. We help both fully-qualified engineers and engineering students with skills assessment for temporary or permanent migration.

Migration pathways

There are various pathways to migration depending on where you received your engineering qualification, the type of qualification you have and whether it’s accredited. Details about each pathway and a step-by-step guide on how to apply are covered on the migration skills assessment page.

Using a migration agent

You can use a migration agent, legal practitioner or other exempt person to help you prepare and submit your migration skills assessment application.

A migration agent can help you with your Engineers Australia migration skills assessment as well as your visa requirements. Search for a registered migration agent or legal practitioner on the Department of Home Affairs website.

Moving to or studying in Australia

The decision to move to or study in another country is exciting but can also be daunting. As well as finding work and somewhere to live, there’s so much to learn about your new country’s culture and customs. The Australian government produces many resources on its websites to guide you. Below are links to some of these:

Addressing the barriers to employment

Engineers are in high demand in Australia, with many organisations struggling to fill their skilled roles. Even so, many engineers who received their qualifications overseas have challenges finding work here in their field.

The Global Engineering Talent (GET) Program is designed to bridge this gap, bringing Australian employers and global talent together in a way that benefits everyone. This 18-week training and paid work placement program will equip you with the skills and experience you need to thrive in the Australian workplace. 

To find out how to apply, visit GET Program.

Resources for students

Several resources are available to help students looking to study in Australia. These links are to Australian government websites:

Each state and territory also has its own information and resources for migrants and students. Be sure to research your options before you make plans.