Our STEM strategy

Fostering the spirit of innovation.

STEM is an acronym for the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering and maths. It's used extensively to refer to these four crucial disciplines which together, create and enable a modern society. Engineering itself is the practical application of the other three – science, technology and maths.

The work of engineers improves our lives with bold new solutions that connect science to life in forward-thinking ways. From research to real world applications, it’s engineers that translate new ideas into commercially-attractive products and services.

We see the fostering of STEM skills in the younger generations as crucial for Australia’s ongoing economic success and for the development of our future workforce. Engineers Australia is committed to promoting STEM skills to school age children and teens. 

Statistics also show that retention within the engineering profession falls with age and there is a need to retain engineers in the middle to older age groups with improved career opportunities.

Our national STEM Strategy 2019-2023 seeks to promote STEM in three ways:


Building capability through our education outreach in science and maths to increase the skills of young people in school, giving them more career options for the future. Our publication library contains a range of age-appropriate materials to help primary and high school students to learn about and appreciate the importance of STEM. 


Attract young people to engineering as a career option by modelling it as an adaptable and sought after skill set needed by many industries.


Helping our industry partners to retain, promote and value their talented engineering staff.

As a profession, we need to ensure that we’re not only attracting young people into engineering but also making sure we’re nurturing and retaining that talent. Their success and readiness for future leadership roles will ensure we retain their expertise in the industry.

We're passionate about educating the next generation on STEM and inspiring young people to pursue a career in engineering.