Standards Australia engagement

Standards Australia is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the establishment and acceptance of standards that ensure the safety and consistency of Australian goods, products and services. The organisation is Australia's peak non-government body committed to standards, efficacy and sustainability and promotes an Australian presence in international standards. Visit Standards Australia’s website to learn more about the organisation and how it develops standards

Volunteering for Standards Australia

Engineers Australia encourages our members to participate in the work of Standards Australia’s standards development committees by volunteering as a nominee. There are many benefits to volunteering as an Engineers Australia nominee for Standards Australia. When you volunteer you’ll:

  • have the opportunity to expand your professional network
  • contribute to the development and review of standards using your specialised expertise
  • be able to claim continuing professional development hours for your work under Type V (Service to the Engineering Profession)
  • expand upon and increase your knowledge, skills and experience.

If you’d like to become an Engineers Australia nominee on a Standards Australia committee, complete the expression of interest form and submit it with a current copy of your CV. Please provide a summary of your experience and knowledge of standards development process. 

Below is a list of current committees seeking expressions of interest (EOIs), be sure to indicate your area of interest and experience and specify the committee you’re interested in.

You can also view the list of current active (PDF 140.27KB) Standards Australia committees on which we have nominees. 

For more information including committee scope, view the filterable vacancy listing (XLS).

  • BD-004 Masonry structures
  • BD-083 Earth building
  • CE-009 Testing of soils for engineering purposes (AGS seat)
  • CE-009 Testing of soils for engineering purposes
  • CE-018 Piling (AGS seat)
  • CH-026 Safety in laboratories
  • CT-001 Interconnection of information technology equipment
  • CT-002 Broadcasting and related services
  • EL-007 Power switchgear
  • EL-019 Electrical welding plant
  • EL-023 Electrical equipment in mines and quarries
  • EL-025 Control of undesirable static charges
  • EL-026 Protective enclosures and environmental testing for electrical/electronic equipment
  • EL-034 Power quality
  • EL-065 Management of network assets in power systems 
  • EL-068 Live working
  • EL-070 Agricultural electronics 
  • EL-071 Electrical installations for ships and mobile and fixed offshore units
  • ET-007 Coordinating committee on power and telecommunications 
  • FP-022 Fire prevention and protection for mobile and transportable equipment
  • HE-016 Child resistant packaging
  • IT-012 Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection
  • IT-032 Biometrics and identification
  • IT-034 Automatic identification and data capture techniques
  • ME-060 Controlled environment 
  • ME-063 Earthmoving equipment (MEMMES seat)
  • ME-084 Cargo restraint systems for occupant protection in light vehicles
  • ME-094 Mould and water restoration
  • MN-005 Copper, lead, zinc and nickel ores and concentrates
  • MT-009 Metal finishing
  • PL-047 Mobile waste and recycling containers 
  • QR-005 Dependability (MEMMES seat)
  • SF-046 Non-diving work in compressed air and hyperbaric treatment facilities 
  • TE-007 Human exposure to electromagnetic fields
  • WS-009 Rolled and welded steel pipes
  • WS-022 Valves for waterworks purposes
  • WS-026 Valves primarily for use in warm and hot water systems
  • WS-042 Passive grease traps

Learn more about volunteering for Engineers Australia.

Standards open for comment

An important stage in the development of a standard is the public comment period. All contributions are considered in detail by the relevant committee, and if necessary further drafting is undertaken. We encourage our members to use this opportunity to provide their view on its provisions. To participate you'll need to create an account with Standards Australia.

Standards queries

Engineers Australia can also assist with technical queries or concerns about specific standards. Please email us with your enquiry.