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Professional networks

Network with peers, join us at events and conferences, find a mentor or discover your next move. Meaningful development comes easy for our members.

Continued learning

Tap into resources including webinars, collaboration platforms, technical materials, up-to-the-minute news and more.

Instant recognition

Enjoy instant recognition as a respected engineering professional with our post-nominals. Be seen for who you are and what you bring.

Exclusive rewards

Take advantage of discounts and savings of up to 30% on a range of handpicked products and services, including technology, travel, business and fitness.


You must hold an Australian accredited or recognised tertiary qualification in engineering, and have at least three years of postgraduate experience in our industry.

You must be practising as a professional engineer, engineering technologist or engineering associate. 

If you don’t meet all the requirements, you can still join by passing our competency assessment

See the full list of accredited qualifications

How to join

Head to our member portal to get started. You need ID – such as a passport photo page, current driver licence or copy of your birth certificate – plus your degree certificate (testamur), your academic transcript, or a previous assessment letter from us along with your current CV.

If you’re a member of an overseas reciprocal organisation, you can apply through a mutual recognition agreement.

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What if you don't immediately qualify?

You can still apply for membership by completing a competency assessment. This is for qualifications we are unable to recognise, approve or accredit, such as some courses undertaken overseas.

It takes approximately four weeks to review and approve these applications for membership.

Read about competency assessments

Your post-nominals

Members earn the exclusive right to display Engineers Australia post-nominals. Depending on your occupational category, yours will be one of the following:

  • Professional Member (MIEAust)
  • Associate Member (AMIEAust)
  • Technologist Member (TMIEAust)

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We offer membership on a financial year basis from 1 July to 30 June. So if you join mid year, you pay just for the months you're with us. 

Pricing is determined by membership grade and whether a competency assessment is required. Applications include a $100 application fee

Membership typeProfessional engineerEngineering technologistEngineering associate

Membership FAQs

Most membership applications take three to four business days to process. If we need more information to process yours, we'll contact you with a revised timeline.

Pricing is determined by your membership grade and whether you need a competency assessment.

If you join mid year, we will pro-rata the fee on a monthly basis so that you only pay for the months you're with us.

Your employer has the option to cover your membership fee. You can:

  • Forward your invoice to them.
  • Request the use of the company credit card for payment.
  • Request that they call us directly to make payment on 1300 653 113.

If your employer wants to set up a group invoice for the next financial year, ask them to send an email to [email protected] and we'll be in touch.