Biomedical College

Biomedical engineering combines electronic, electrical, mechanical, chemical and materials engineering with the life sciences of medicine, biology and molecular biology. This unique partnership delivers important benefits to healthcare, medicine, IT, regulation, research and design with improved healthcare and cutting-edge new medical technologies. 

Biomedical technology is important because it:

  • supports and enhances human life
  • helps individuals to overcome physical disabilities
  • aids in delivering medical procedures 
  • tests and delivers data to improve health and healthcare delivery.
Our objectives

The Biomedical College aims to be a peak representative body for biomedical engineering professionals in Australia. Our objectives are to:

  • Set standards of practice within biomedical engineering and provide mechanisms to help attain these standards.
  • Host a broad range of continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities.
  • Nurture new biomedical engineering talent through mentoring, workshops and awards.
  • Foster partnerships with our peers including partner professionals from a diverse range of disciplines.
  • Facilitate an exchange of information on developments and issues regarding biomedical engineering.
  • Facilitate aid to developing and disaster-torn countries.
  • Support the accreditation of biomedical engineering tertiary courses that are Washington, Sydney and Dublin Accord-compliant.
  • Provide advice and recommendations on biomedical engineering professional practice, who can provide it, where it is necessary and how to engage these services in Australia.

The Biomedical College is run by a board of elected representatives. Current Board members are:

  • Kelly Coverdale MIEAust CPEng NER – Chair
  • Shahin Sayyer Dashti  MIEAust NER – Deputy Chair
  • Iain Brown MIEAust CPEng NER
  • Robert Day FIEAust CPEng NER 
  • Yuantong Gu FIEAust
  • Sam John MIEAust
  • Melvin Mazid MIEAust
  • Cait Thomas MIEAust
  • John von Ell MIEAust NER – Corresponding Member
  • Edmund Kienast FIEAust CPEng NER – Corresponding Member
  • Jamal Moussa GradIEAust – Corresponding Member
  • Adrian Richards TMIEAust CEngT NER – Corresponding Member
Biomedical training and events

We have branches in every state and territory in Australia that deliver CPD to Engineers Australia members and guests with online and in-person training and events. 

Visit our Learning and events page to see a full list of available CPD opportunities.

Engage with us

Join EA Exchange to view all our technical journals, event materials and publications. You can also network with other technical society members on this interactive forum. 

Visit our Awards page to learn more about the Biomedical College Awards.

Email us or call 1300 653 113 if you have any questions.