Engineering articulation is the process of transferring from one occupational category to another.

Engineering articulation is open to engineering technologists and engineering associates who want to advance their career by moving to a higher occupational category.

For engineering technologists this is usually to professional engineer. Engineering associates can transfer to the engineering technologist or the professional engineer occupational categories. Affiliate and companion members can also apply for articulation into a new occupational category.

If this is something you’d like to do, you’ll first need to complete the basic qualification for the new occupational category. The basic qualifications for each occupational category are:

  • Professional engineer – accredited four-year Australian Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) degree or accredited Master of Engineering degree.
  • Engineering technologist – accredited three-year Australian Bachelor of Engineering Technology or Engineering Science degree.
  • Engineering associate – accredited two-year Australian (AQF) Advanced Diploma or Associate degree.

Some tertiary institutions offer programs tailored for articulation that bridge a gap between the knowledge you already have and where you need to be. Some also offer credits for recognition of prior learning so it’s worth researching your options.

Once you complete an accredited course in the new occupational category, you’ll be qualified to articulate and enter practice. At this point you can also apply as a Graduate member of Engineers Australia in your new occupational category.

Alternative pathways

If you have significant prior learning and don’t want to complete an accredited qualification, we may be prepared to consider a personal plan of academic study. To be eligible, you’d need to demonstrate evidence of your prior learning and experience. Your personal study plan would also need to build on your existing qualifications and experience to the level where you could pass the competency assessment for the new occupational category.

Competency assessment

Competency assessments are used to ensure engineering professionals who want to work in Australia meet the benchmarked qualifications and competency standards to practise.

If your existing qualifications are non-accredited from overseas or are a combination of work experience and other learning, you can still apply for articulation. However you’ll first need to pass an entry to practice competency assessment for the new occupational category. To pass the competency assessment, you’ll likely need to complete additional academic study.

If you later want to become Chartered or join the NER, you’ll need to complete a separate assessment for independent practice.

Contact us to learn more about articulation pathways and the entry to practice competency assessment.