National Committee for Women in Engineering

The National Committee for Women in Engineering (NCWIE) is an Engineers Australia community group. Its aims are to make engineering more inclusive by valuing, supporting and celebrating the contributions of female engineers. 

The NCWIE encourages all female engineers with over 15 years' experience to apply to become an Engineers Australia Fellow. We encourage those with under 15 years’ experience to become a Member and to apply for a Chartered credential as soon as they’re eligible.

The NCWIE supports Engineers Australia’s diversity and inclusion position and plan and our purpose is to:

  • Identify strategies and recommend actions to increase the number of female members of Engineers Australia.
  • Identify strategies and work with Engineers Australia to embed Chartered as the default professional credential.
  • Work with colleges, technical societies and Engineers Australia to implement approved strategies into the normal operations of each college, technical society, and division, including undertaking joint activities.
  • Arrange events and other activities to address needs that can’t be met through other Engineers Australia channels.


The NCWIE is run by an elected committee. Current committee members are:

  • Zhenya Pavlinova MIEAust CPEng NER – Chair
  • Hayley Rohrlach MIEAust CPEng NER – immediate past Chair
  • Cynthia Lie MIEAust
  • Kruti Patel MIEAust
  • Maria Koutsimpiris MIEAust CPEng EngExec NER
  • Dr Nassim Ghosni MIEAust CPEng NER
  • Beth Scott MIEAust
  • Amy Walton FIEAust CPEng NER

Learning and events

The NCWIE has branches in most states and territories. Many of these manage their own program of events. Visit our learning and events page to see a full list of available learning and event opportunities.

Engage with us

Join EA Exchange to view all event materials and publications. You can also network with other engineering community members on this interactive forum.

Visit our Awards page to learn more about the Gender in Diversity Awards.

Email us or call 1300 653 113 if you have any questions.


Cover for Action plan for mitigating bias
Women in Engineering | 2015

Action plan for mitigating gender bias

The aim of this blueprint is to increase industry awareness of gender bias and to provide industry with strategies to mitigate organisational bias, such that no employees suffer undue bias due to gender.

Aqua background with document symbol
Women in Engineering | 2015

Creating effective workplaces for now and in the future – flexible workplace strategies

This brochure outlines various case studies demonstrating successful work-life balance, strategies for creating effective workplaces by implementing worklife balance opportunities, and a check list for organisations and individuals for before, during and after changes in working arrangements.

Aqua background with document symbol
Women in Engineering | 2012

Industry blueprint of successful in-house professional women’s programs

This paper has been developed following a round table discussion with industry partners. It looks at programs proven to encourage and retain women in the engineering profession including issues to consider, some of the key messages to achieve success and some lessons learnt.

Aqua background with document symbol
Women in Engineering | 2011

Women in Engineering: National Committee position statement

The Women in Engineering National Committee is committed to improving gender diversity in the engineering profession. It supports the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), Women’s Empowerment Principles and encourages organisations in the engineering profession to take a lead and sign up to the Principles.