Electrical College

Focused on all aspects of electrical engineering.

What is Electrical Engineering?

What is "electrical engineering"? Electrical engineering is concerned with research, design, development, manufacture, installation, operation, maintenance and management of equipment, plant and systems within the electrical, electronic, communication and computer systems areas.

These activities can apply to electricity generation, transmission, distribution, electrical installations in buildings and on industrial sites, electrical equipment manufacture, instrumentation and control systems applications in industry, communications networks, electronic plant and equipment, and also the integration and control of computer systems.

Previously the Electrical College covered all these areas of interest, however the formation of a separate ITEE College (the College of Information, Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering) means that the ITEE is now available to support and promote the work of engineers in Communications Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Information Engineering and Software Engineering.

The Electrical College's activities therefore now apply to electricity generation, transmission, distribution (generally referred to as the electricity supply side), the utilisation side covering electrical installations (power distribution, lighting control systems etc) in buildings and on industrial sites, electrical equipment manufacture, instrumentation and control systems applications in industry.

About the Electrical College

The Electrical College is one of nine responsible for the learned society activities of Engineers Australia. We focus on electrical engineering and:

  • Conduct technical conferences, symposiums and meetings to provide members with CPD.
  • Prepare learned and other publications, mainly for CPD purposes.
  • Develop and submit policy proposals and comments to government and industry.
  • Award prizes to encourage excellence.
  • Sponsor activities that promote engineering as an interesting and rewarding career.
  • Promote research and development.

Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC)

If you have a general question about electrical issues and requirements, visit Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC), the national council of electrical safety regulators of the various states/territories. This site provides easy links to each regulator's site, plus an email query facility to each regulator.

They deal with a wide range of enquiries about electrical safety generally, and safety standards for electricity networks and consumers' installations, appliance safety and energy efficiency, as well as licensing requirements for contractors and workers.

Electrical College groups

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Electrical College awards


To become a member of the College, an applicant must have an appropriate level of relevant competency and experience in one or more areas within electrical engineering. Professional experience may be at a management, practice or academic level.

Contact us

For any enquiries regarding the Electrical College please contact:

Learned Society Advisor

Email: electricalcollege@engineersaustralia.org.au

Engineers Australia
Engineering House
11 National Circuit
Barton ACT 2600

To contact Member Services please call 1300 653 113


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