National Committee on Space Engineering (NCSpE)

Engineering the future of science and transport.

What is Space Engineering?

Space/satellite engineering evolved from aircraft engineering, initially using many of the same construction methods and reliability philosophies.

Space engineering is complex multi-discipline systems engineering for the space domain (including terrestrial support systems). The principal differentiation between space engineering and terrestrial engineering comes from the unique constraints of the space environment with microgravity, high radiation levels, high vacuum, extremes of heat and cold and the complexities of leaving Earth.

Space engineering covers all space-related activities, from ground operations to those required for Earth orbiting bodies and beyond, to deep space missions, and also includes astronomical systems and instruments.

Space engineering embodies ALL engineering disciplines and also employs engineers, chemists, physicists, mathematicians, scientists and many more to achieve the mission outcomes.

About the National Committee on Space Engineering

The primary role of the NCSpE is to act as an expert advisory committee to Engineers Australia (EA) on space engineering matters, and promote the economic, industrial and intellectual value that developing and retaining Australian expertise in space technology can have.

Consistent with Engineers Australia’s Strategic Priorities 2014–17, our primary objectives are:

Definitive voice of the profession

  • Contribute to and advise on national space policy issues on an as-needs basis.

Professional home for life

  • Recognise outstanding emerging space engineers through the annual Undergraduate Thesis Prize in Space Engineering.
  • Provide information on space engineering and the Australian space industry via Engineers Australia’s website and other media channels.

International orientation

  • Represent Engineers Australia as a member of the International Astronautical Federation.
  • Support the 2017 International Astronautical Congress to be held in Adelaide, South Australia.

Tomorrow’s engineers

Foster our future engineers and raise awareness of space engineering by sponsoring national student education and outreach activities related to space engineering, such as:

  • International Space University Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program (NCSpE provides a scholarship for an engineering student to participate in this program)
  • VSSEC-NASA Australian Space Prize
  • Aerospace Futures conference.

Connectivity and partnerships

  • Engage with kindred space-related organisations to promote space engineering and raise awareness through information-sharing and joint activities where appropriate.

Space Engineering awards

Contact us

We are affiliated with Engineers Australia's Electrical College and our members come from industry, research and government.

If you are looking for an industry expert to support a Space Engineering course or seminar, or for any enquiries regarding the National Committee on Space Engineering please contact:

Learned Society Advisor


Engineering House
11 National Circuit
Barton ACT 2600

To contact Member Services please call 1300 653 113


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