Women in Engineering Victoria

The Victoria branch of Women in Engineering.

About Women in Engineering Victoria

The Women in Engineering (WiE) Victoria Committee was formed in October 2006. The committee is made up of a bunch of passionate and committed volunteers, who come from a variety of engineering disciplines.

The Committee provides a local focus for women in engineering by organising events for our members, as well as the wider community. These events are aimed at supporting, attracting, retaining and celebrating women in the industry.


The WiE Victoria Committee supports and promotes female engineers working in the state. We work closely with the national committee to highlight and address issues that concern our members. The committee promises to be creative, diverse and inspiring!

Joanne Gad

Vice Chair
Faye Guo

Ashleen Kaur

National Representative
Fiona Boyle MIEAust CPEng NER

Events Coordinator
Marta Kiki

Media Coordinator
Astrid Ichsan

Past Chair
Lauren Thompson MIEAust

General Committee
Goldy Arun MEngSc. (Elec), BTech. (ECE), GradIEAust, IRSE Affiliate

Sule Aygun

Nelson Estrada B. Eng (Met.), MIEAust, MAIPM, CPPM

Michael Lattouf

Dominic Murray-Fiume

Ema Nezirovic

Claudia Valle

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Women in Engineering Victoria partners

Women in Engineering Victoria have affiliations with many different organisations that share common causes including:

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  • Professional bodies
  • Universities
  • TAFEs


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