Risk Engineering Society

For engineers focused on managing risks on job sites and in the community.

About the Risk Engineering Society

The Risk Engineering Society actively contributes to the effective management of risks in the workplace and in the community. We do this by collecting and disseminating information on all aspects of risk engineering, organising technical meetings and conferences and liasing with interested organisations.

We place special focus on risk issues associated with construction, design, safe plant operation and management.

We provide national leadership on the science, technology and philosophy of risk engineering and risk management. This focus contributes to safety, health, environmental protection and productivity for our society at large.

Our objectives are:

  • Promote risk engineering and science for the management of risks in commercial, industrial, environmental and infrastructure applications.
  • Communicate knowledge about risk engineering and risk management.
  • Promote collaboration between members, organisations and other societies.
  • Develop and extend the practical application of the science, technology and philosophy of risk engineering and risk management.
  • Provide expert advice to industry, the community and the government to promote excellence in the practice of risk engineering and risk management.
  • Promote education, training and research in all aspects of risk engineering and risk management.

Risk Engineering Society Contingency Guidelines

A reference for different practical risk based decision making approaches to managing schedule and cost contingency reserves throughout the project and program investment lifecycle.

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Who can join?

Membership is open to all people who have an active interest in either:

  • Using technology to analyse and manage risk
  • Analysing and managing risks that arise from the use of technology.

How to join RES?

Download the 'How to join RES – Step by Step guide'. For further information about joining the RISK Engineering Society please read the Join a Technical Society page.

Individual Membership

  • Member $50.00 ex GST
  • Student EA Member Free
  • Student Non-EA Member $25.00 ex GST

Corporate membership

Corporate membership provides places in seminars, workshops and other learned society activities run by the Chapter of affiliation.

Membership is available as:

  • Grade A - $250.00 ex GST: entitles up to 5 nominated representatives.
  • Grade B - $500.00 ex GST: entitles up to 15 nominated representatives.

Corporate membership is available to organisations. This entitles them to nominate representatives who shall receive the same benefits as individual members.

Chapters operate in Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth.

Contact Us

National President
Geoff Hurst
Email: ghurst10@live.com
Phone: 0426 881 322

Deputy National President
Brian Truman
Email: briankt156@gmail.com
Mobile: 0419 845 790

Email: res@engineersaustralia.org.au

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