Society of Fire Safety New South Wales

The New South Wales branch of the SFS.


Chapter Chair

Edmund Ang

Deputy Chair Xijuan Liu
Secretary Dean Pramualphol
Treasurer MC Hui
Committee Members Sarnia Rusbridge
  Alan Wilson
  Atul Bhargava
  Christina Knorr
  Derya Horasan
  Jamie Vistnes
  Peter Gardner
  Vivek Apte
  Wallace Zhong
Life Members Dave Boverman
  Carlos Quaglia
  Stephen Grubits



2019 Events

20 February 2019

Fire brigade operations, and fire brigade policies


17 April 2019

Design for bushfire protection, and standard updates.


19 June 2019

Detailed fire safety design for timber buildings


21 August 2019

To be announced 


16 October 2019

Design of major infrastructure and fire safety engineering


4 December 2019

An update from Warren Centre FSE study, ethical behaviour for fire safety engineers and university research showcase


2018 Events


Fire Safety Upgrades

18 April

Combustible Cladding

20 June

Buildings with Unique Hazards

15 August

Caring for the Vulnerable

17 October

Smoke Hazard Management

5 December

SFS Practice Notes



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