Indigenous Engineers Group

Connecting inspired and educated professional Indigenous people from an Engineering background 

An affiliate of the College of Leadership and Management within Engineers Australia, we are focused on connecting inspired and educated professional Indigenous people from an Engineering background to help create, develop and grow ideas and strategies for Indigenous Engineers around Australia.


About Us

The Indigenous Engineers Group (IEG) is a newly created special interest group within the College of Leadership and Management of Engineers Australia (EA), the principal body for professional engineers within Australia.

We are committed to expressing our culture as a form of awareness within the industry and developing a link with current Indigenous Engineers to form a cohesive group of shared knowledge, perspectives, support and inspiration for young professional and upcoming engineers. 

Our goal is to educate Indigenous people, in particular young Indigenous secondary school students around Australia, that undertaking a career in Engineering will create vast opportunities for both them, their family and their communities.

If you are interested in being a part of the Indigenous Engineers Group, please join our mailing list to learn about future activities, events and programs.

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Our Vision

  • To increase the awareness and activity of Indigenous Engineers within industry
  • To connect the Indigenous community with complement to the field of Engineering
  • To improve the quality of Indigenous communities through education and knowledge of the engineering profession through Engineers Australia 

Our Values

  • Knowledge sharing for the benefit of the land, communities and Indigenous people
  • Integrity and honesty in the field of Engineering
  • Celebrating the successes of Indigenous people in the field of Engineering


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