Engineer registration in Victoria

The Victorian Government is drafting legislation to introduce a state-wide mandatory engineering register.

This means Victorian engineers may soon need to be registered in a comprehensive directory of Australian engineers. 

A state-wide system already exists in Queensland, where engineers are required to register their details on a publicly available online database.  

Engineers Australia is home to the country’s largest register, The National Engineering Register (NER).

The NER not only fulfils engineers’ obligations but showcases your talent and experience to prospective employers.

There’s no reason to wait for the Victorian Government to make a decision.

Join the NER now and save the hassle later.


The NER provides consumers with a means for assessing the quality of potential providers of engineering services.

Benefits of a register for engineers:

  • Reduced risks to public health, safety and welfare
  • Legislative efficiency and cutting red tape
  • Industry and consumer information
  • Professional recognition
  • International mobility and trade in engineering services.

Register for the NER