Engineering Associates

Committed to the systems and procedures of Australia's most important industries.

As an Engineering Associate, you dedicate your intellect and skills to safeguarding the systems, stock and structure that your industry —and Australia — relies on.

Engineers Australia applauds your commitment to the profession, your peers and our country. We provide support and advocacy for Engineering Associate members, as well as a range of training, events and communities to take part in.

Engineers Australia recognises your efforts and is here to support your journey as you apply innovative practices and procedures to the issues faced by your industry. We provide extensive options for training, access to site visits, important events and major conferences and communities dedicated to your specific area of practice.

Supporting your efforts

Engineers Australia provides keen insights to Engineering Associates of all specialities and career stages.

Continued growth of skills and networks is critical for the career development of any engineer and one of our main roles is to help you achieve your goals in this area. We have developed numerous programs that will see your capabilities multiply and we also offer a range of events where you will gain valuable insights and contacts.

Ready to advance your career?


Ready to advance your career? Our dedicated training branch, Engineering Education Australia (EEA), can help grow your skill set in a variety of ways. You can catch up on new regulations and safety initiatives for your field, take classes that expose you to new practices and industries and even enhance your business and management abilities.

A selection of the courses available at EEA:

  • Asset Maintenance Requirements for Engineering Teams
  • Design of Photovoltaic Systems
  • Engineering Due Diligence
  • Safety in Design - Requirements of WH&S Legislation
  • Influencing and Negotiation Skills
  • Managing Teams and Stakeholders
  • Security of Payment Legislation

Plus many more. Increase your employability and drive your career forward, all while earning Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours alongside motivated peers.

Visit Engineering Education Australia


2. Become Chartered

You have already made an impact through the projects you’ve delivered. Take your place at the top of the profession with Chartered status for global recognition, career progression and leadership development.



Visit our events page to explore more opportunities for learning and networking in your area.


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