For primary students

As a young, creative student you are one of Australia's future innovators.

When should a child learn about engineering? The answer may surprise you. While the concept of engineering brings to mind all manner of technical skills, scientific knowledge and high-level thinking the fact is that all engineers were once young students who found a passion for problem solving through creativity and ingenuity.

It is never too early to introduce a student to engineering. With a natural flair for creativity and a bold attitude towards learning, instilling a passion for the components of engineering at a young age is a fantastic way to guide a child toward a STEM career.

Engineers Australia created a free, fun program for younger students called EngQuest as an introduction to the exciting world of engineering. This hands-on STEM program is free for schools and was designed to be carried out with low-cost materials.

Explore the pages below to learn more about EngQuest and our insights for parents and teachers of primary school students.