Policy reports

    Engineers Australia is at the nexus of engineering and policy thought leadership.

    Engineers Australia produces a range of reports to inform policy development.

    The State of the Engineering Profession

    The State of the Engineering Profession is Part III of the Engineers Australia Pitch for a Better Nation series. In this report, we present an overarching vision for Australia to grow as a prosperous nation and maintain a high standard of living. Australia's future depends on a skilled workforce, a considered energy policy, improved infrastructure, and a strong defence industry policy.

    Click here to read the report (pdf, 11.3MB).


    The Future of Australian Electricity Generation

    The Future of Australian Electricity Generation is Part II of the Engineers Australia Pitch for a Better Nation series. In this report, we argue for a national transition plan for the electricity sector. The report helps policy makers by laying out the wide range of factors that must be considered, including the roles of the various energy sources, the merits of energy efficiency measures, the need for data analytics, the needs of the transmission and distribution network, and workforce considerations.

    Click here to read the report (pdf, 18.7MB).

    Engineers Make Things Happen

    Engineers Make Things Happen is Part I of the Pitch for a Better Nation series of reports. In it, Engineers Australia demonstrates the practical importance of STEM in schools, especially if we are to maintain a national ambition of being an innovative and globally competitive nation.

    Recent market adjustments mean that there are currently enough engineers to sustain a low-growth economy and, today, there are just enough school students entering the engineering pipeline. However, if the rate of decline in STEM studies is not changed or the country re-enters a high growth period, the nation will become ever-more reliant on skilled migration to meet future industry needs.

    Click on the following links to read the full report (pdf, 47.8MB) and summary (pdf, 1.5MB).


    Registration for engineers: International standards and global recognition

    Use of the title ‘engineer’ is largely unrestricted and has become a generic term. In the absence of regulation for engineering, anyone can claim to provide engineering services without the appropriate competencies, and with total disregard for standards. To overcome these challenges, Engineers Australia advocates for the introduction of a statutory registration scheme for engineers in all states and territories. 

    The following resources have been created to explain this issue in more depth, outline the benefits of registration and show how registration will help engineers get the professional recognition they both need and deserve.

    Click here to view the infographic (pdf, 0.5MB)

    Click here to download a printable flyer (pdf, 1.7MB).


    Tasmanian Engineering Workforce Development Plan

    The Engineers Australia Engineering Workforce Development Plan 2016-19 is the first profession-based plan for Tasmania. It was supported by Skills Tasmania and, by working with industry leaders, education providers and government representatives, the Plan has identified the key challenges facing the profession and includes industry-owned recommendations for action. Implementation will lead to a highly skilled and agile workforce that can meet the demands of Tasmania’s changing and growing economy.

    Click here to read the Plan (pdf, 1.2MB)

    Building the West

    Engineers Australia is part of the Western Australia Infrastructure Coalition. It is a broadly-based infrastructure industry group that has been established to promote and facilitate the creation of an independent statutory authority “Infrastructure WA”. The Infrastructure Coalition also aims to provide a robust forum for industry involvement in infrastructure issues.

    Click here for a copy of the Coalition's report called, Building the West (pdf, 6MB).


    National Infrastructure Investment Update

    The National Infrastructure Investment Update 2016 and companion series of state and territory reports examine the status of Australia's infrastructure, using the 2010 Engineers Australia infrastructure assessment as a baseline. The Update finds there have been improvements in some areas but these are insufficient to improve the overall status of the nation's infrastructure. Download a pdf copy of the reports from the following list:

    Update to June 2016

    In early 2017, an update to the national report was produced with data up to June 2016.

    Click here for a copy of the report (pdf, 3.7MB).


    Sustainability and Climate Change

    In 2014, Engineers Australia created a policy for the issues of sustainability and climate change. To read a copy, click on the links below: