Managing your membership

Information to help you keep your status current.

General management

How do I make amendments to my invoice?

You will be able to make certain changes to your Engineers Australia renewals invoice including Tech Society membership and registration fees, however if you would like to join a Technical Society or become registered you will need to click on the following links:

Alternatively, please contact Member Services.

I have completed my studies, why am I still recorded as a Student?

Student members who wish to upgrade to Graduate must submit an online application. This is not an automatic process because Engineers Australia must confirm that you have successfully completed an accredited undergraduate course.

When you join as a student member, Engineers Australia uses your expected graduation date to determine when you are eligible to apply for Graduate membership. It is important that you notify Member Services if your expected graduation date changes.

Once you have gone past your expected graduation date you will need to upgrade you membership to remain a member with Engineers Australia.

What is the BPay biller code number?

EA Biller Code: 242073

The reference number is your Engineers Australia invoice number which is located in the top right hand corner of your invoice.

Can I arrange an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)?

No. Engineers Australia does not accept direct deposits or EFTS; however you can pay your bill monthly by direct debit.

Can I have my subscription notice invoiced to my employer or company?

The subscription notice will typically be invoiced to the member; however arrangements can be made to have the subscription notice issued to C/O (Care of) the employer or company. Please contact Member Services for assistance.

How do I request a receipt?

An official receipt can be downloaded by logging in to myPortal. Alternatively please contact Member Services for assistance.

Request a membership card

In an effort to become more environmentally friendly we are asking members to consider if they require a plastic membership card.

If you wish to receive a membership card, you can order it via myPortal once you have received notification of a successful membership payment.

To order, log in to myPortal, visit the Membership page and click the Request Membership Card button.

Reinstating your membership

Has your membership lapsed and you want to re-apply? Complete an online application form for your chosen grade of membership.

You will need to pay your subscription fee plus a readmission fee (where applicable).

Reinstate your membership 

Re-admission to Chartered status

Do you want to be re-admitted to Chartered status? The process will depend on how long ago your Chartered status lapsed:

Less than 12 months
Former Chartered members whose Engineers Australia Chartered status has lapsed for less than 12 months will be readmitted to Chartered status upon completion of an online application.

If you previously had an outstanding or unsatisfactory CPD and Practice Review, you will need to provide a brief statement of experience and a CPD record as part of the application. Please contact the Registration Team on [email protected] if you require assistance.

Greater than 12 months but less than five years
You will need to provide a brief statement of experience and a CPD record as part of the application. Please contact the Registration Team on [email protected] if you require assistance.

Greater than five years
Former Chartered members whose Chartered status has lapsed for more than five years will be required to complete an online application and provide supporting documents including a statement of experience of minimum 2400 words claiming 16 Elements of Competence of Stage 2 Competency Standards, a full CV and a CPD record.

Start an online application for readmission to Chartered status

Transfer or upgrade your membership

An application must be submitted online through myPortal.

When should I upgrade?

  • Upgrade to Graduate from Student if you have completed your undergraduate qualification
  • Upgrade to Member from Graduate if you have at least three years post graduate work experience in an engineering field.
  • Upgrade to Fellow from Member if you have held a sustained major responsibility in the design or execution of important engineering work.
  • Apply for Chartered status if you have the experience to meet the National Generic Competency Standards

When should I transfer?

Full details on how to transfer from one occupational category to another can be found in the Engineers Australia Articulation Guide.

For further assistance about upgrades and transfers, contact Member Services or call 1300 653 113.

Change or add College membership

  • If you are a Student or Graduate member:
    You can request for a change of College by sending us an email with a brief explanation as to the reason for your request.
  • If you are at the grade of Member or Fellow but not Chartered:
    Please send a copy of your CV to Member Services requesting a change of College. Your CV should clearly indicate that you are practising in the engineering area which belongs to the requested College.


Student membership notes

Expected study completion date
It is important that you advise us of your new expected study completion date if it has changed otherwise your student membership may lapse . If you need to update your expected study completion date, you can send us an email.

Update your address and contact details
If you move, please advise us so that we can update your details. This way you can continue to receive all the membership benefits and important communication from Engineers Australia without interruption.

Advise us of your non university email address
Please advise Engineers Australia of your non university email address. This will ensure that you receive important notices electronically even after you graduate and when you travel.

Readmission to Student membership
If your Student membership lapsed while you were still studying an undergraduate program and you wish to reinstate it, please reapply online using your existing EA ID

Concessions and discounts

You may be eligible for a membership discount or concession rate.

Concession subscription rate

The concession rate is available to an Engineers Australia member in any grade or occupational category who:

  • Is over 55, has been a financial member continuously for five years, and has retired from paid, full-time work; or
  • Is unable to work by reason of unemployment, disability, ill health, pregnancy, parental obligation, participation in full-time postgraduate study directly related to their engineering competencies, temporary severe financial difficulty or another sufficient cause.

Retired members paying the concession rate are eligible for the discount for membership of one Technical Society, but not for any other discount. Please note that concessions cannot be granted retrospectively and that concessions for Temporary Financial Exigency reasons can generally only be granted for a maximum of three consecutive years.

IPWEA membership discount
Members of Engineers Australia (excluding free students) who are also a member of the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) are entitled to a single discount of $16.50 (includes GST) off their Engineers Australia membership fee*.

Technical Society discount
Members of Engineers Australia (excluding free students) who join one or more Technical Societies are entitled to a single discount of $16.50 (includes GST) off their Engineers Australia membership fee*^.

* The $16.50 discount is applied to a member’s standard membership renewal fee. For example, a Chartered member at the grade of Engineering Associate would normally pay $284.00, however with the discount applied would only be required to pay $267.50.
^ The discount is not applicable for Royal Aeronautical Society Australian Division (RaeS). For further information regarding these this Technical Society, please contact them directly.


Each Engineers Australia member is entitled to receive one discount only (Technical Society or IPWEA membership), calculated as the highest-value discount for which the member is eligible.

The Technical Society discount does not apply when the Technical Society membership fee is equal to or less than the discount amount.

For more information, contact Member Services or call 1300 653 113.

Resigning your membership

  • Members wishing to resign their membership can do so through myPortal by completing a resignation application.
  • You will be asked to partake in an exit survey as part of the resignation process. This survey provides important feedback and insights regarding your experiences with Engineers Australia.

Alternative payment methods

We encourage you to log in to myPortal and pay online. See below for additional ways to pay.

Pay by phone

Credit card payments are accepted between 8.30 am and 6.00 pm AEST by calling 1300 653 113.

Direct debit

You can pay your bill monthly from a nominated bank or credit card account. To set up a direct debit please download the authorisation form:


Contact your participating financial institution to make a payment directly from your cheque, savings or credit card account (AMEX and Diners excluded). B-Pay details are on the front of your invoice. Please do not use B-Pay if amendments to your invoice are required.

EA Biller Code: 242073

The reference number is your Engineers Australia invoice number which is located in the top right hand corner of your invoice.

Cheque or money order

Payments can be made by cheque or money order by completing the payment slip on your invoice and returning to:

Engineers Australia

Locked Bag 24

Kingston ACT 2604

When paying by cheque please write your membership number on the reverse of the cheque and make it payable to Engineers Australia. All cheque payments must be in AUD drawn on an Australian bank.

Need further assistance?

Please contact our Member Services Team by email or call 1300 653 113 between 8.30am and 6.00pm (AEST) Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Overseas members can call +61 2 6270 6540.