Graduate membership

A guide to the application process, requirements and benefits for Graduates.


Graduate membership

If you hold an accredited Australian qualification in engineering, you may be eligible to join as a Graduate Member in your occupational category.

Please check that your qualification is accredited by Engineers Australia by viewing our list of accredited programs.


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Benefits of Graduate membership

With over 100,000 members, Engineers Australia membership is recognised world-wide and can help open doors via its network and reputation. Graduates looking to further their engineering career through professional development, support and industry connections should apply for Graduate membership today.

Access Australia’s premier engineering network and have world-class professional development and technical resources at your fingertips.

In a diverse profession with so many exciting opportunities, you may want some guidance and advice from time to time. Whatever stage you’re at in your engineering career, Engineers Australia offers a range of resources to support you.

Career Centre

Already part of the engineering team? Take advantage of the Career Centre's information on career planning and working internationally. Engineers Australia encourages lifelong learning and is committed to working alongside industry employers and you, at every stage of your career. 

Events and networking

Stay current and ensure your skills are kept up-to-date with a range of events and networking opportunities. With a technical program of more than 1,000 activities each year, you can quickly build your professional network and accrue your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours! 


Take the initiative and develop your engineering skills through myCPD, Engineers Australia's convenient online training tool. 


Engineers Australia membership also includes access to world-class resources designed to help you with research and professional development. The online library offers technical databases, conference papers, industry journals, handbooks and more; exploring all areas of engineering.

News and updates

As you shape your career, it is critical you stay informed of the ever evolving body of knowledge and changes within the profession. For relevant news, including current issues in industry, policy, and major events, keep your eye out for the monthly edition of Create, and register for your fortnightly Industry Newsletter, sent to all Engineers Australia members. In addition to active social media channels, the Engineers Australia website is a great source of news updates and local events.

Gain the competitive edge in the global market by being a part of the elite community committed to engineering a better world.


Looking to set yourself apart from other graduates? Membership post-nominals (GradIEAust/GradTIEAust/GradAIEAust) mean peers and employers instantly recognise your commitment to the profession and personal development. 


You can also get noticed by industry leaders through a range of awards and graduate prizes supported by Engineers Australia. Celebrating excellence not only honours individual achievement and leadership, but raises the profile of the engineering profession.


Take the next step of your professional career by becoming Chartered. Start by tracking your experience through the Self Assessment and Industry Review until you are ready to apply.

Global mobility

As you look to enter an increasingly global profession, it’s important to know that you’ll be supported wherever your career takes you. Engineers Australia facilitates the mobility of members through accreditation, international Accords and Mutual Recognition Agreements with like-minded organisations. If you’re looking to join more than 5,000 members working around the globe, we have an active international program with multiple overseas Chapters.

Have your say in the direction and future of your profession.


Build your professional reputation and industry knowledge by joining 5,000 other members undertaking office bearer roles and voluntary tasks each year. Getting involved with expert groups offers you the opportunity to learn from others and engage with professionals working in your chosen field. 

Learned Groups

Local and National groups are involved in advocacy activities and raising the profile of engineers, facilitating professional connections, learning opportunities and increasing engagement in engineering activities.


Engineers Australia is committed to speaking for the profession, influencing policy and shaping a better engineering future. Members’ interests are represented and voiced to government through ongoing advocacy activities and media engagement. Keen to know more? Follow @EngAustralia on Twitter to keep up-to-date on news announcements and dialogue between Engineers Australia, key journalists and politicians. The latest media releases are available on the Engineers Australia website.

Member Rewards program

Unlock the full value of your membership. Engineers Australia members receive exclusive offers and discounts to support your business, professional and personal lives; from respected organisations such as Avis and OzForex.

Learn more about Member Rewards


But don't just take our word for it...



Graduate checklist and guide

  • At least one primary identification document – a passport photo page, a current driver's license or a copy of your birth certificate
  • Degree certificate (testamur)
  • Letter of Completion for Graduates who have not yet received their award
  • Academic transcript

Please note: Assessment fees are not applicable to First and Second Year Graduates.

Membership is open to those who have completed an Engineers Australia accredited or recognised Australian qualification in engineering or have received a positive outcome from a Stage 1 Competency Assessment or Migration Skills Assessment.

Please note: If you have finished your studies (in an eligible course) but haven't yet attended your institution's Graduation Ceremony, you are still eligible to apply for Graduate membership as a "Graduand". Special conditions apply regarding evidence of completion - you can use either your official transcript, or a Letter of Completion from your institution.

Graduates looking to further their engineering career should apply for Engineers Australia membership at the grade of:

  • Graduate (GradIEAust)
  • Technologist Graduate (GradTIEAust)
  • Associate Graduate (GradAIEAust).

View a list of Engineers Australia accredited courses

Application is easy! Simply, log into myPortal with your EA ID and password.

If you do not have an EA ID, please create an account.

How much does it cost?

Calculate your Graduate membership fee

Can I apply if I’m not working in the industry yet?

Certainly! Plus, as a Graduate member you'll have access to advice and resources through the Career Centre to assist you in finding a job. You can also find work placement opportunities through EA Connect, an exclusive, free service for Student and Graduate members.

What if I am a postgraduate student?

Postgraduate engineering students seeking to further their engineering career may be eligible for Engineers Australia membership as a graduate, with a concession on membership fees.

Engineers Australia will then contact you to advise you of your login details which will enable you to apply for a concession using our online application system.

How long does it take to process my application?

The turnaround time is currently about three business days. Please refrain from contacting Engineers Australia within this timeframe, as it will further delay processing time for all applications.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact our Member Service Team on 1300 653 113 or send them an email at [email protected].

Additional Information

If you are unsure which application form to complete, or have questions about your application, please contact our Member Services Team on 1300 653 113.


Upon submission, payment of an assessment fee is applicable to all grades other than Student, First and Second Year Graduates.
Annual fees appropriate to the Membership grade are paid to finalise the application.

Calculate your membership fee

Moving to Australia

Engineers Australia provides fair and accurate skills assessment services to engineers who wish to migrate to Australia. As the designated assessing authority for engineering occupations, we utilise our expertise to administer impartial assessments appropriate to every applicant.

Click here for more information on the skills assessment process for engineers


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