Occupational categories

Occupational Categories

Occupational categories are based on your educational qualifications. Engineers Australia recognises three occupational categories within the engineering team in Australia:

  • Professional Engineer 
  • Engineering Technologist 
  • Engineering Associate

Professional Engineer

Professional Engineers hold an Engineers Australia accredited or recognised four-year professional engineering degree.

As a Professional Engineer, you:

  • Focus on overall systems
  • Develop and apply new engineering practices
  • Apply leadership & management skills
  • Pursue engineering opportunities in an holistic way, taking environmental, community & social issues into account
  • Solve diverse problems.

The grades of membership available within this category are:

Engineering Technologist

The academic qualification is an Engineers Australian accredited or recognised three year engineering technology degree.

As an Engineering Technologist, you:

  • Focus on interactions within the system
  • Modify and adapt established engineering practices
  • Advance engineering technology.

The grades of membership available within this category are:

  • Student (StudIEAust) – Apply Now
  • Engineering Technologist Graduate (GradTIEAust) – Apply Now
  • Engineering Technologist Member (TMIEAust) – Apply Now
  • Engineering Technologist Fellow (TFIEAust) – Apply Now

Engineering Associate

The academic qualification is a Engineers Australia recognised two year advanced diploma or associate degree of engineering.

As an Engineering Associate, you:

  • Focus on specific elements of the system
  • Work within codes and applies established practices and procedures.

The grades of membership available within this category are:

  • Student (StudIEAust) – Apply Now
  • Engineering Associate Graduate (GradAIEAust) – Apply Now
  • Engineering Associate Member (AMIEAust) – Apply Now
  • Engineering Associate Fellow (AFIEAust) – Apply Now

More Information

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