Engineers Australia's Graduate Program

Bridging the skills gap from engineering graduate to proactive professional.

About the program

Engineers Australia’s Graduate Program develops the fundamental skills and knowledge engineering graduates need to transition into the work environment.

Ideal for organisations looking to strengthen their graduate development offering, this 18-month online L&D program is delivered by our training organisation, Engineering Education Australia.

Designed in consultation with industry, key outcomes will see graduates strengthen core business skills and values that will transform them into future engineering leaders.

New rail industry sector focus

Engineering Education Australia has partnered with the Australasian Railway Association to deliver a professional development program specific for engineering graduates in the rail industry. Read more about this new program.

Who should enrol?

The program is suitable for employers of recent engineering graduates. Your graduate(s) must have an engineering degree in any discipline and been working in an engineering-related role for two years or less.

Delivery options

The program is delivered online, allowing graduates to continue their professional development from any location. There are three delivery options:

  1. Public program: if you have a few graduate engineers and want them to network with peers from other organisations. This delivery option is open for enrolments twice a year, February/March and August/September.
  1. Private corporate program: if you have many graduate engineers and need an exclusive program that incorporates your organisation's policies and procedures.
  1. Integrated program: if you have an existing organisation program, this is a flexible option that allows you to integrate Graduate Program components and other Engineering Education Australia courses into your own graduate program.

The program is flexible and you can customise the content and delivery modes to meet your business needs and complement your other learning programs.

Learn more:

Learning modules

Personal Empowerment

This module lays the foundations for professional and personal growth. Participants are equipped with the skills to take personal responsibility for the planning and development of their own careers. They go on to develop self-awareness in order to regulate their emotions and improve interpersonal skills.

  • Communication
  • Self-management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Resilience

Project Management

This module focuses on the skills and processes required to plan and execute successful projects that deliver desired business outcomes. Practical skills to leverage stakeholder relationships and manage projects are developed through a range of learning activities.

  • The project management lifecycle
  • Problem-solving
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Risk management

Professional Skills

This module builds leadership and professional capabilities to drive innovation and respond to a rapidly changing environment. It will challenge their ability to think critically and work collaboratively. A focus is placed on sustaining success throughout their careers and pursuing goals such as Chartered status.

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Critical thinking

Features and benefits 

  • Drives the obtainment of customised development goals, aligned to the graduate’s workplace and business objectives
  • Provides a framework and the underpinning skills required to pursue further competency development, such as Chartered status
  • Uses best-practice education approaches including experiential and evidence-based learning, and on-the-job development of skills
  • Offers flexible learning with a mix of interactive, social activities and self-directed study
  • Engages managers and organisations with regular reporting
  • Ability to customise content and delivery modes to meet business needs or complement existing learning programs and graduate rotations
  • Includes complimentary Engineers Australia Graduate Membership throughout the duration of the program to increase networking opportunities (Terms and conditions apply)


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