Migration Skills Assessment


1. Assessment Fee increases

Please note new application forms - with slightly increased assessment fees - are EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.   The new fees relevant to each assessment pathway are identified on the appropriate forms below (under 'Application Process').   Fee increases are also applicable to the Standard Admin Fee form and the Formal Appeal form.   Note that the new fees supersede advice on page 29 of the July 2012 version of the MSA Booklet, which will be updated shortly.

2. Work Experience

The following conditions for the assessment of Work Experience as an additional service are to be noted:

  • work experience must be relevant to the assessed outcome, in terms of occupation and engineering category
  • work experience cannot be claimed before completion of the applicable qualification
  • work experience should be paid at the market or salaried rate for engineering professionals. Clients receiving stipends, living allowances or scholarships will not generally be considered to be salaried
  • whilst 'full-time' work constitutes 20 hrs/wk or more, this must be regular employment and not include long periods of unpaid leave
  • in general, research activities undertaken as a PhD student, or work experience as a Research Assistant/Fellow whilst undertaking a PhD, etc, can not usually be assessed as relevant for this purpose    
  • the employment evidence as listed on page 25 of the MSA Booklet is crucial to the acceptance of any claimed work experience

3. Assessment services associated with DIBP's points test

These will assist in the subsequent claiming of DIBP points as part of the overall migration application - see this information on the points test:

a. Standard Assessment Service

  • the standard assessment outcome will include an opinion on the comparable relevant Australian level qualification to the client's overseas qualification used in support of the assessed outcome. Note that the standard CDR fee will increase to $620 less GST ($682 incl. GST)

b. Additional Assessment Services (Check appropriate box and fee payment on relevant application form)

  • where an overseas PhD engineering degree is held, which may not necessarily need to be considered in the assessment process to provide the nominated outcome, then an additional assessing service is available to provide an opinion on the qualification as comparable to an Australian PhD. (Extra fee applicable - $200 + GST)
  • for those who have at least 1 year Australian work experience, and / or at least 3 years Overseas work experience in their nominated occupation or a closely-related occupation, then an additional assessing service is available to provide an opinion on the skilled employment claims. High-level evidence will be required to support any claim of work experience as well as completion of this form. (Extra fee applicable - $250 + GST)

See Section D of the July 2012 edition of the MSA Booklet for details.

Clients who already hold an assessment outcome - and have NOT yet applied to DIAC - may seek the additional assessment services as above. In these cases, they will need to seek an updated assessment outcome by returning the ORIGINAL outcome letter, completing the relevant part(s) of the Admin Fee payment form, making the additional fee payment, and including the necessary supporting documentation.

Skilled Migration to Australia

Engineers Australia is the designated authority to assess professional qualifications in engineering for the purposes of skilled migration to Australia. If you want to migrate to Australia and require an engineering skills assessment, please do the following:

1. Read the Migration Skills Assessment Booklet

2. Download the relevant application form:

3. Prepare and submit your application.

Information on this page does not apply if:

Current assessment turnaround time

Regularly updated advice on the dates of applications under current process may be sought by sending a blank email to msastatus@engineersaustralia.org.au with the sole word 'Status' in the email subject line. You will receive an automatic response.

Generally, for:

  • Non-accredited qualifications – turnaround is currently about 19 weeks from the date of receipt. Note this time can be highly variable depending on numbers of incoming applications
  • Accredited Australian and Accord qualifications – currently about 8 weeks.

Please do NOT contact Engineers Australia within these timeframes, as it will further delay processing times for all applications.

Under SkillSelect, DIAC specify that an assessment outcome (and IELTS test result) be obtained PRIOR to lodging your EoI, but mandate that any assessment letter MUST predate the date of any formal invitation extended. In the event that an applicant does NOT hold an assessment letter at the time of EoI lodgment, then any claim for urgent assessment to meet an anticipated invitation will NOT be entertained.

Application process

I have non-recognised qualifications

The Summary Statement tables below will assist you in preparing your CDR. Choose the one relevant to your occupational category and complete it after you have written your three Career Episodes. Then print your Summary Statement and include it with your application.

I have accredited qualifications 

I need an Opinion on my Skilled Employment

This will require client completion of the Skilled Employment Record

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