Member Rewards

Helping you build a more successful, secure and satisfying career

Welcome to the Member Rewards program, designed to unlock the full value of your Engineers Australia membership.

With more than 100,000 members, Engineers Australia is the largest professional body for engineers in the country and recognised as one of the largest in the world. The size of our community enables us to use our position to consistently find new and exciting ways to provide each member with more value.

It’s time to spark a change.

We have challenged the standard approach towards member benefit and rewards program by building strong partnerships that wholly support our members, our organisation, and the wider engineering community.

With an understanding that you want rewards to support your business, professional and personal lives, we’ve carefully selected our partners to achieve just that. We believe in not only our partners’ exceptional services, but in their shared values and aspirations and we're confident that we're truly offering members the best opportunity to reach their goals.

We are excited to offer a program that releases the potential of our large membership, and builds on a strong reputation and passion to see you achieve success where it matters most to you.

Exclusive personal rewards

We work closely with our partners to ensure you can achieve your personal goals; whether you strive for financial freedom, to explore the world or simply to enjoy life.

Exclusive professional rewards

As your professional home for life we are dedicated to ensuring you have access to everything you need to succeed in your career. In addition to the extensive resources available in our online library, we partner with leading organisations to bring you the information and support you want, when you want it.