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National Engineering Register (NER)

As the peak body of the engineering profession, Engineers Australia recognises that it has a profound responsibility to take positive steps to promote and enhance professional practices. In this context, the National Engineering Register (NER) is a register created by Engineers Australia to give visibility to those registered engineers of their services to the public, private industry and governments, as well as to provide assurance to consumers that the engineers they engage meet the high standards of professionalism expected of any profession.

The NER provides the necessary assurance to consumers of engineering services about a registered engineer’s knowledge, skills and training in that those registered on the NER have the following:

  • a recognised qualification
  • relevant professional practice
  • currency of continuing professional development (CPD)
  • the benefit of Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)
  • a commitment to ethical practice

Registrants on the NER will receive an annual certificate of registration and registration will facilitate recognition on other registers in relation to the delivery of engineering services both nationally and internationally.

The NER will allow consumers of engineering services to search for a qualified engineering professional by name, discipline and geographic location. The NER replaces the National Professional Engineering Register (NPER), the National Engineering Technologists Register (NETR) and the National Engineering Associates Register (NEAR).

All registrants on the former NPER, NETR and NEAR who wish to be registered on the NER and who meet the eligibility criteria will automatically be transferred to the NER. In addition, all other eligible Chartered members who wish to be registered on the NER will be able to automatically apply to join. Formal notification of the transfer and joining arrangements will be advised to these members in coming weeks.

Registration on the NER will also be open to, later in the year, other eligible members with 5+ years of relevant professional practice who meet the eligibility criteria above.

The NER will be open to non-Engineers Australia members who apply and are assessed as meeting the eligibility criteria.

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Transition Arrangements

In the transition to the NER, those members registered on the former NPER/NETR/NEAR as at 30 June 2015 will remain registered until the NER is in place. The information on RPSearch is current as at 30 June 2015.

Please note that registration listing of members on RPSearch remains current regardless of the registration period end date - either '30/06/2015' or 'Current' until the new registration scheme is in place.

If you enter a name in the search fields, please do not add spacing after the name. This may result in no search outcome returned.

If you require information about an engineer’s registration on the NPER/NETR/NEAR requirements, please contact the Registration Team at

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