| 18 June 2014

1.14 billion dollar investment in Northern Territory infrastructure welcomed by Engineers Australia

Engineers Australia welcomes the Northern Territory Governments 1.14 billion dollar investment in Territory wide projects including 799 million for capital projects and 335 million for repairs and maintenance.

The focus of the infrastructure program on developing the Territory’s economic capacity by investing; 408 million to build new and upgrade existing roads and transport assets, 135 million to accelerate the release of residential, commercial and industrial land, and 276 million in the Power and Water Corporation, is a positive step forward in securing the Territory’s future.

“The investment announced in the Northern Territory Government Budget for 2014-15 is favourable news for Darwin and the Northern Territory as we look to developing Northern Australia’s economy.” said Jas Deo, Engineers Australia Northern Division President.  

Greg Ewing, General Manager Engineers Australia Northern Division, welcomed the establishment by Northern Territory Government of a new Northern Australia Development Office.  “The creation of a new body that has the aim of driving growth in the Territory and across the country is good news. We need to see significant and sustained investment in infrastructure, to capitalise on Northern Australia’s natural, geographic and strategic assets”.  

Engineers Australia has previously voiced concern over the condition of the Northern Territory’s infrastructure. In its last infrastructure report card in 2010, roads were given an overall “C” rating,  potable & waste water both “C-“, and electricity also “C-“. The identified capital, and repairs and maintenance investment by the Northern Territory Government in 2014-15 is needed to improve the condition of existing infrastructure and build additional capacity.

Infrastructure underpins a successful economy, enables innovation and encourages business investment. These characteristics are needed to drive growth in the Northern Territory strengthening industries such as tourism, agriculture, mining, oil & gas, and engineering.

“The Northern Territory Government’s budget for 2014-15 has the backing of industry and the engineering sector. The Northern Territory’s engineers are committed to the community and developing a sustainable and prosperous future for our children’s future”, said Mr Deo.