| 02 September 2022

Sir John Holland Civil Engineer of the Year 2022 awarded

Civil engineering is a major contributor to the success of the modern world and to people’s quality of life. The practice of civil engineering solves problems and develops important infrastructure using mathematics and scientific principles. 

The Sir John Holland Civil Engineer of the Year, sponsored by John Holland, is the pre-eminent civil engineering award presented annually by Engineers Australia’s Civil College.  

The award provides a high-profile focus on engineering achievement and serves as both a showcase for civil engineering and a focus for young people interested in pursuing a career in engineering. 

This year, Engineers Australia presented the Sir John Holland Award for Civil Engineer of the Year to Professor Yi Min 'Mike' Xie AM FIEAust FTSE CPEng EngExec NER, at the Engineers Australia Excellence Awards held in Victoria.  

Paul Collier FIEAust CPEng EngExec, Chair of the Civil College of Engineers Australia says, “Mike is an internationally recognised authority on the optimisation of structures through the development of his ESO/BESO techniques, which allow material to be removed and added simultaneously by redistributing under-utilised material to the most needed locations. 

“This technology enables the production of strikingly elegant designs of complex structures along with substantially reducing construction materials. 

“Mike’s knowledge and expertise has been recognised with awards including most influential digital tool of the year at DigitalFUTURES in 2020, the Clunies Ross award in 2017 and the Victoria prize for Science and innovation in 2020,” Paul says. 

This award is presented annually by Engineers Australia to an eminent civil engineer who has made a major contribution to the sector, including the development of new technology, contribution to the use of ecologically sustainable development and service to the engineering profession. 

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