Media release
| 27 February 2023

New industry agreement to bolster a construction engineering chartered workforce

An exciting new partnership between Engineers Australia and the Australian Constructors Association (ACA) will boost development, expertise and advocacy within the construction engineering sector.

The collaboration will see Engineers Australia and ACA strengthen Engineers Australia’s Construction Community of Practice (CoP), the Chartered Construction Area of Practice (AoP) recognition linked to Chartered engineering status and the professional development model for construction engineers.

Community of Practice (CoP)

Engineers Australia and ACA will work together to:

Manage and update the Engineers Australia/ACA produced Construction Engineering Learning & Development Guide

Build and deliver a comprehensive education program to grow capability against agreed areas of competency.

Area of Practice (AoP)

Engineers Australia will continue work with both the CoP and ACA on the rollout of the Chartered Construction AoP, a credential that recognises individual engineering competencies within the construction sector that are aligned to international standards.

Professional Development

ACA and CoP will collaborate with Engineers Austraia to develop innovative and accessible professional development to support the competency of construction engineers.

Training will complement any existing in-house training currently being delivered by organisations represented by ACA.

As part of this commitment, Engineers Australia is launching the first suite of micro-credentials on construction engineering skills which includes:

ACA will work with Engineers Australia to explore the potential of sourcing government funding to enable subsidised training sector wide.

Workforce AoP credentialing of ACA Board engineering workforce

Both organisations will build on the current strong uptake of Engineers Australia’s Engineering Workforce Credentialing (EWC) program - a contemporary business wide approach to credential construction engineers.  ACA will support the promotion of confirmed credentialing arrangements between Engineers Australia and ACA represented organisations via ACA’s social channels.


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