| 05 May 2023

Australia’s largest wind turbines added to evolving energy grid in Queensland

The Dulacca Wind Farm in Queensland's south has officially connected Australia’s largest wind turbines to the grid. 

Dulacca’s wind turbines stand at 230 metres tall and with construction complete the project team is moving into the testing and commissioning phase. 

At full capacity the Queensland Government estimates Dulacca Wind Farm will generate enough energy to power more than 54,000 homes. 

Queensland is on the journey to 70 per cent renewable energy by 2032 and major renewable projects are being rolled out across the state. 

The completion of the wind turbine construction comes days after the Western Downs Green Power Hub completed installation of its solar panels, which will have the ability to produce over 1080 gigawatt hours of power. 

On the backdrop of major investment in the Queensland Southern Renewable Energy Zone, Engineers Australia is hosting the annual Queensland Southern Regional Forum in Highfields, Toowoomba, on Friday. 

Engineers Australia Queensland General Manager Stacey Rawlings says the creation and upkeep of renewable energy projects in southern Queensland will be heavily supported by engineers. 

“Engineers will play a crucial role in achieving Queensland’s renewable energy targets. The profession will be at the forefront of the development, building and running of sustainable energy projects,” she says. 

“With many renewable energy projects underway or in operation in the south, our Southern Regional Forum will inform engineers about the evolving energy landscape. It will be a chance for members to get up to date with the latest opportunities and challenges in the area.”  

The Southern Regional Forum will provide an opportunity for engineers to learn from their peers and colleagues in Queensland with presentations covering the renewable economy transition, sustainable development, disaster recovery and more.

You can register for the Southern Regional Forum now on our event page.