| 05 May 2023

Three weeks to register as an electrical engineer in Victoria

Electrical and electronic engineers are required to be registered in Victoria from 1 June 2023, three weeks away.

Victorian engineering registration is a two-step process and applications for the second step (to the Victorian Government’s Business Licencing Authority) are due by 1 June 2023.

The first step is to obtain a competency outcome report from an assessment entity.

If you are a professional engineer, and an Engineers Australia member with Chartered or NER credentials, you don’t need another assessment to receive an outcome report from Engineers Australia if your Chartered or NER AoP (Area of Practice) matches your requested Victorian registration AoE (Area of Engineering). 

You can download your outcome report from the Engineers Australia Member Portal.

You can apply for a competency assessment from Engineers Australia on our website if you haven’t started already, however please be aware the assessment process can take six to eight weeks.

If you need an assessment for the outcome report and the report is not available by the 1 June deadline, you can submit an email confirmation of your application for assessment to the Business Licensing Authority (BLA). Upload the assessment application confirmation email in the ‘Qualifications and Assessment Report’ section of the BLA application.

The second step is to apply for registration with the BLA.

Once you’ve received your outcome report, or confirmation you have lodged an assessment application, you can lodge your registration application online through the Consumer Affairs Victoria portal, myCAV.

If you have submitted confirmation of an assessment application the BLA will reserve your application until they receive your assessment report. You will need to upload your assessment report once it is received for the BLA to finalise your registration application.

To continue providing professional electrical or electronics engineering services from 1 June you need to have lodged an application for registration with the BLA.

If you have not lodged your application for registration by 1 June, you will either need to work under the direct supervision of a registered engineer or only work in accordance with a prescriptive standard in order to not commit an offence under sections 67 and 68 of the Professional Engineers Registration Act 2019.

For more information on the registration process and requirements visit our Victorian registration information page.