| 31 July 2023

Inspiring the next generation of engineers

The ‘Engineering Your Future’ campaign ran from July 2022 to June 2023 and we are excited to share the results. 

The Year 13 and Engineers Australia partnership is designed to build awareness and consideration of engineering careers and pathways, and aims to capture students who are figuring out their post-school journeys and inspire them to choose a career in engineering.

It is a platform that specialises in connecting with young people aged between 15 and 21, and teachers and careers advisors. Engineers Australia partners with Year 13 to increase our interaction with this demographic and continue to advocate for the engineering profession.  

The ‘Engineering Your Future’ Academy focuses on positioning engineering as a diverse, fun career path. It includes new insight-informed content with short learning modules and videos to show students what it’s really like being an engineer. The campaign aimed to engage, inform and inspire. 

Justine Romanis, Engineers Australia’s National Manager, Professional Diversity and STEM says “This content is designed by young people for young people and shows what sorts of exciting projects they could be working on in the future.”  

Key results  

  • A 29 per cent uplift in likelihood of young people’s intention to pursue a career in engineering.  
  • Perceived knowledge of careers in engineering rose substantially among those who felt they knew ‘a great deal’ and ‘a lot’, from 14 per cent to 44 per cent. 
  • ‘Very positive’ perceptions of the engineering industry increased by eight per cent.  
  • 72 per cent of Engineering Your Future participants felt the Academy had an impact on their likelihood of considering a career in engineering. 

Justine says “These results are fantastic! Our aim is to increase both understanding and intention to study engineering, and through this platform we can measure our work.” 

Expanding on this campaign, parents and schools were also targeted with informative, inspiring and personalised advice designed to help them influence the youth; ultimately educating them on the pathways for young Australians to access careers and vocations in engineering.  

Find out more about Year 13 and the Engineering Your Future Academy.