| 07 August 2023

New hub for Brisbane2032 updates and opportunities

The Queensland Government has unveiled a new site full of information on the Queensland Olympic and Paralympic Games for 2032. It contains a suite of information on everything from a map of host venues and regions to business opportunities.

Engineering firms in Queensland can use the Q2032 site to register for business opportunity updates and to find out the necessary steps to set your business up for tender opportunities.

The Queensland Government has adopted a 'Buy Queensland’ approach to ensure the economic benefits of hosting Brisbane2032 are maximised and shared among Queenslanders.

Engineers Australia Queensland General Manager Stacey Rawlings says the Queensland Olympic and Paralympic Games provides huge opportunity for engineers and engineering businesses in the state.

“We are only 9 years away from the Games and it is important that the projects delivered leave a lasting legacy for the region,” she says.

“I encourage all engineers to use the Games, and the many and varied opportunities they present for engineering, to explain to children how engineering is involved in supporting these types of events – through traffic management, delivery of event venues and other transport initiatives, along with the link to sports engineering.”

Six new venues will be constructed across South East Queensland, alongside eight significant upgrades to existing infrastructure throughout the state.

Three of the athletes' villages used for the Games will be re-purposed to provide permanent dwellings for Queenslanders. The largest village to be built will be situated in Northshore Hamilton and will host more than 15,000 people over the course of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

With a target of 90 per cent public and active transport to venues during the event, and no carparks, Queensland's transport infrastructure will play a key role. Many major projects already underway will contribute to this goal including the Cross River Rail and Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 3.

For general updates on the progress of the Games anyone can visit the Q2032 website and sign up to stay informed.