| 04 September 2023

Engineers Australia renews Mutual Recognition Agreement with Engineers Ireland

As part of their trip to Europe to strengthen ties with engineering world leaders, Engineers Australia’s National President, Dr Nick Fleming, CEO Romilly Madew AO and Group Executive Member and Customer, Sarah Jenkins met with Irish professional body, Engineers Ireland.  

The Dublin visit provided an opportunity to renew the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between both institutions. 

Like Engineers Australia, Engineers Ireland is a signatory to the International Engineering Alliance (IEA) Accords as a founding member and is an Authorized Member of IEA Agreements. 

MRA provisions allow for streamlined assessment pathways and recognition of credentials for eligible Engineers Australia and Engineers Ireland members and make it easier for engineers to work across the globe.  

The signing included a commitment from both institutions to work within the IEA to further strengthen the IEA Agreements as the basis for mutual recognition. 

Engineers Australia CEO Romilly Madew AO said the renewed agreement would continue to benefit engineers and the profession in both Australia and Ireland through knowledge and skill sharing. 

“This agreement upholds international engineering standards in qualifications and practice. 

“Our meeting was a significant and welcome opportunity to discuss shared learnings and experiences between our two like-minded organisations.”  

The original MRA between Engineers Australia and Engineers Ireland was signed in 2009. The 2023 renewal allows for updated definitions and terminology to better align Engineers Australia and Engineers Ireland’s standards to IEA standards. 

The agreement continues to recognise graduates of Australian four-year Washington Accord (WA) degrees in Ireland. 

The MRA was signed on 28 August 2023 by Engineers Australia’s President, Dr Nick Fleming and CEO, Romilly Madew, as well as Engineering Ireland’s President, Edmund Harty and Director General, Damien Owens. 

Our website contains more information on all our MRA’s with engineering institutions across the globe.