| 04 September 2023

Engineers Australia Voice to Parliament statement  

As a First Nations Voice to Parliament is considered, Engineers Australia supports reconciliation and the Uluru Statement from the Heart. 

In 2019, Engineers Australia’s Board resolved to accept the invitation from the Uluru Statement from the Heart to support constitutional and structural reform so Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can take their just place in our nation. That decision was made after careful consideration and consultation. 

The call for a First Nations Voice to be enshrined in the Constitution will provide the enduring ability for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to directly inform laws and policies on matters relevant to them. Engineers Australia believes it will contribute to a reconciled Australia, one that respects and values Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures.   

 “As Australia’s first engineers, Indigenous people have a remarkable history of ingenuity that sustained their culture, cared for Country and supported thriving communities for thousands of years,” said Engineers Australia National President Dr Nick Fleming.    

“The referendum on the Voice is an historic opportunity for all Australians, engineers included, to participate in a positive way to build a more united country and improve the lives of First Nations people by giving them more say over issues that affect them. 

“It is consistent with our core value of advancing society for the benefit of all and will provide a path forward for reconciliation, positive change and better outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

“Great engineering benefits from a diversity of experiences, perspectives, and inclusivity. So too does our society - and through the referendum we can play a part in helping achieve that,” Dr Fleming said.  

Engineers Australia respects that there are differing views across the breadth of our membership and the Australian community. We encourage our members to engage with the referendum, but we are in no way seeking to direct how individuals vote. Our priority is to offer balanced information and perspectives and foster respectful discussion.   

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You can read Engineers Australia’s statement of support for the Uluru Statement from the Heart on our website.